Lost in You [v0.3.0] By atrX

atrX Games released a new game called Lost in You and the version is 0.3.0. The game’s story is about taking on the role of a senior high school student who recently went through a rough breakup. Attempt to get your life back on track as you meet new people, build and maintain relationships, and deal with the realities of a less-than-perfect world. The fictional city of Jakuofu is your playground to do as you, please! Or is it…? Perhaps not everything is as it appears at first… Only time will tell.

Developer: atrX
File Size: 1.51 GB
Version: 0.3.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 23k+ words
  • 535 renders (including 8 animations!)
  • 7 main story events
  • 3 Kurumi events
  • 2 Sensei events
  • 2 Shuu events
  • 4 Tomori events (+ 2 repeatable events)
  • 4 Yokubo events (+ 1 repeatable event)
  • 1 Yume event
  • 2 picture messages
  • Event tracker improvements (clicking a requirement now automatically displays the event hint)
  • Transitions are now skippable again (hooray!)
  • Yui and Shuu’s mom no longer suffers from delivering twins a month apart (they now share a birthday, oops)


  • Android support
  • 23k words
  • 513 renders (including 2 animations!)
  • 7 main story events
  • 4 Hina events (+ 1 repeatable event)
  • 2 Kurumi events (+ 1 repeatable event)
  • 4 Nami events (+ 2 repeatable events)
  • 4 Saki events (+ 2 repeatable events)
  • 1 Sensei event
  • 4 Yui events (+ 2 repeatable events)
  • 1 Yume event
  • Reworked “Encounter” Yume event (if you have already completed this event in v0.1, you can access the new version by clicking it in Yume’s event list)
  • Added affection/lust cheats and character renaming (access your computer in the morning on weekends)
  • Event requirement adjustments for v0.1 content
  • Fixes and minor changes to v0.1 content

Developer Notes:

  • This game contains bright, flashing images. If you suffer from epilepsy, play at your own risk.
  • Be advised, this game contains sensitive and/or disturbing material. You’ve been warned.
  • Unless stated otherwise, all characters in this game are 18+, including but not limited to those depicted in a sexual manner. No characters under the age of consent are or will ever be involved in sexual encounters.
  • This game has a built-in guide. If you ever get stuck and are uncertain of what to do, consult the in-game guide by pressing the (?) behind an event name.
  • For those worried about the other male character, no NTR is planned.

Game Images & Screenshots


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