Love and Corruption [v0.3.3] By Airell

Airell Games released a new game called Love and Corruption and the version is 0.3.3. The game’s story is about is a text-based, turn-based combat game where you’ll be able to explore a growing universe, discover a world with different types of creatures, races, spells, and locations to explore. You will play as Kristan Silversword (or the name you choose), a young man who has just suffered a wave of loss, and finds himself in the midst of a total change in his life, and you will make the decisions that will affect his life after all that.​

Developer: Airell
File Size: 414.7 MB
Version: 0.3.3
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Ver 0.3.2 – Changelog

  • Kailyn storyline expanded
    • New dialogues and scenes
    • Home map & routine added
    • Datings scenes
    • Quest added – Faun Claw search
    • Scenes added
      • First “playtime” massage
      • Warm massgage (Repeable)
      • Pink cherry taste (Repeable)
  • Luna scenes – Aelrie tier+
    • Added pregnant variations for Luna trip event in Innerstone
      • First preggo. cowgirl
      • Preggo. Tittyjob (Repeable)
      • Preggo. cowgirl (Repeable)
      • Dialogues and variations for pregnancy
  • Priscilla event
    • Priscilla’s storyline received a small expansion, and a big event. (40+ Love)
      • Micro-quest for Priscilla
      • Kitty first love
      • Lake boobjob
      • Dinner, wine and doggystyle
  • New passive encounter added – Wilderness Forest
  • Usin tamer – After completing the tribe restoration event
    • Help her & small dinner with wine
    • Cowgirl
    • Sixtynine
    • Sex! (Sex system)
  • New map added to Ancient Forest – Western mountains
    • New harvest places
    • New rare and expensive reagent – Unlocked after Kailyn’s quest
    • New hostile encounter added – Grisian Eagle
      • Found in Ancient Forest and Western mountains
      • Drops a new rare reagent (Grisian Eagle Feather)
  • New quests
    • Faun Claw search – After completing “Helping Fellise”, started by visiting Kailyn
    • Search for Durium – After completing “Helping Fellise” and viewing the Ore Rings restock event
  • Story mission “Ravenna Dark Night” expanded a bit more…
  • Castle slavery system expanded
    • Added new dialogue variations for the Interaction event & others (Personality based)
    • Added traits list system – This influences the slaves’ value, status and behavior…
    • General minor fixes and polishings (Minor things I don’t remember right now…)
  • Family scene added – Ruby spend time (With proper artwork <3)
  • Gallery updated – Monarch tier
    • Kailyn scenes
    • Priscila scenes
    • Usin Tamer scenes
  • New artworks added
    • Elyseth – Human form
    • Kailyn – Warm playtime
    • Quira artwork
    • Ruby – Spend time
    • Lisbeth – New conservative outfit
    • Priscilla – Armor rework
    • Felisian thief – Male
    • Usin tamer – Male and Female
    • Kailyn blowjob
    • Lyrith doggystyle
  • Game polishing & testing… Of course

Game Images & Screenshots


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