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In Lust Academy, you play as a 18-year-old guy, who’s life is about to undergo a significant transformation. At Cordale, the oldest academy of magic and wizardry in the New World, you will discover a world full of magic and adventure. Make sure to interact with other students and teachers as they are sure to captivate you with their charm.


  • Date: 16/July/2023
  • Name: Lust Academy
  • Version: Season 3 v3.1.1b + Cordale Pack
  • Broad Tags: Vanilla(Voyeurism, Tease, Strip, Virgin, Vaginal Sex, Oral, Titjobs), Romance, Fantasy
  • Dev: Bear in the Night
  • Mod: Scrappy
  • Android: Incg
16/July/2023- Updated Season 2 with Mods and added Season 3 v3.1.1b

This is the beta version.

Here’s what’s different from the alpha version:

  • Added Visual Novel mode for all scenes from ver. 3.1.1.
  • Added improved atmospheric Sound Design.
  • Reworked some faulty renders.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and typos.

Overall with the new changes, here’s what you might expect playing Lust Academy season 3 v3.1.1b:

  • 20 interesting scenes in MC’s hometown.
  • About 800 new beautiful renders.
  • Improved atmospheric Sound Design.
  • 18 hot 60fps HD animations with Olivia, Evelyn, and Irena.
  • Visual Novel mode for all scenes from ver. 3.1.1.
  • Save the transfer option from Season 2.
15/June/2023- Updated to Season 2 Final -v1.11.1d

This is officially the end of Season 2 and will be the last build.
This release provides a lot of essential fixes aimed to polish Season 2 to perfection, alongside the core feature – save transfer for Season 3. Here are the details:

  • Added Save transfer function so you can keep your progress in Season 3.
  • Simplified puzzle mini-game. Now it’s much easier to see all the prizes!
  • Fixed minor bugs with sounds and music.
  • Fixed a lot of typos and faulty English in dialogues.

With the changes from delta, Lust Academy version 1.11 includes:

  • Added 22 new exciting scenes for both Sandbox and Visual Novel versions.
  • More than 900 new top-quality renders.
  • 96 new beautiful Full HD 60fps animations.
  • Added 4 new scenes to the Gallery.
  • Added Save transfer function.
  • Simplified puzzle mini-game.
  • Fixed a lot of typos and faulty English in dialogues.
  • And a few other minor bugfixes.

That is a lot of content, but we hope you’ll enjoy it! With these additions, we’re more than glad to mark the end of Season 2 and move to create Lust Academy Season 3 prologue!

15/May/2023- Updated to Season 2 Complete- Steam

End of Season 2

The Cordale Pack DLC is designed for those who want to get the most out of the Lust Academy Season 2 world.
The Cordale Pack includes additional content to help you navigate through the game, get to know your favorite characters better, and enjoy more renders and artwork.
The DLC includes:

  • Character quiz with their story, hobbies, and interests. – Prove your knowledge about your favorite characters. Get a reward for correct answers
  • Puzzle game pictures – unique 2D pictures of gorgeous girls in a magical atmosphere. Check them all!
  • Lustagram app picture set – Vivid, engaging, personal, and touching pictures from the Lustagram game app are available to you in a convenient way.
  • Unique renders made for patrons – This DLC also includes all the diverse, high-quality renders with the game’s characters in unusual circumstances that we created at the request of our patrons.
  • Walkthrough Guide – A guide to the game that includes tips on love storylines and the most effective ways to earn money and house points.


Harry potter-like setting with dragons, magic and most fantasy elements, is one of the best non-incest Vns in my list. I really liked the UI, Two seasons, lots of content. Season 2 alone has (10000~ Images , 600~ Animations)

Lust Academy Martha


It has both Sandbox (not grindy at all) or VN mode(no grind). I would go as far to say sandbox was actually kind of fun.

No mods anything for season 3 yet, will check back in a week or two.

Android Save Transfers

Save transfer now works, but only for S2 to S3 and you have to download the new season 2 added in 16/July.
I can do the same for Season 1 to Season 2 but don’t think we really need it cause you can play without save transfers anyways.


Lust Academy Season 3 v3.1.1b
Lust Academy Complete Season 2 + Walkthrough/Cheats/Unlocks Mod

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 90Q):

Apk iconAndroid:

windows iconWindows/Linux:

Mac Version IconMac:

Apk iconAndroid:

Bonus Pdf Season 2 Guide(Original):

Bonus Pdf Season 2 Guide(Optimized):

Lust Academy Complete Season 1 + Mod


Last Updated on July 16, 2023

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