Lust for Adventure [v8.3] By Sonpih

Sonpih Games released a new game called Lust for Adventure and the version is 8.3. The game’s story is about Hi everyone, I’m Sonpih, and I’m creating an adult game called Lust for Adventure, this is a 2D RPG game based on the world of Warcraft where you are an adventurer in search of fame, fortune and obviously sex! The inspiration for this game came from other adult games like “Corruption of Champions” or “Trials in Tainted Space”, games where you have a sense of freedom in a world of monsters and sex. In this game you can create a character with some customization options, complete quests for NPCs, fight (or fuck) different enemies in turn-based combat, and experience multiple events.​

Developer: Sonpih
File Size: 2.33 GB
Version: 8.3
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Blackrock Barracks

  • New sub-zone in the Blackrock Spire, here you’ll find the orcs of the Blackrock army relaxing and playing games.


  • New quest NPC in the Barracks, he will ask you to defeat him in a card game, and you’ll receive a new underwear.

Card Game

  • A new mini-game is available in the Barracks once you accept Bulgor’s quest, it’s a card mini-game that kinda resembles Hearthstone.
  • You have three types of cards, Normal, Taunt, and Charge. You need to drag one card from your hand and drop it on the board, and it won’t be able to attack until the next turn (you’ll see a zZz sign on one corner of the card if you can’t use it that turn)
  • Charge cards can attack the same turn you play them, and Taunt cards will force the opponent to attack them first.
  • To attack just select the card on the board you want to attack with, and then select the enemy card you want to attack. In order to win you need to kill all of your opponent’s cards.


  • The game should no longer get soft-locked if you defeat a Wolf in Northshire for the Poor Boy’s quest after getting all 5 pelts.
  • The light of your character has been adjusted in the still scenes with Lee (the gym guy).
  • Some events increased the hours passed without changing the day if necessary, resulting in more than 24 hours appearing on the main UI, this should be fixed now.

Sex Scenes

  • You sucking fat orc cock (1M/1F)
  • Slim orc riding you (1M)
  • Orcs peeing on you if you are wearing the Stormwind Boxers when trying to have an orgy with them (1M/1F)
  • Orc fucking you on a swing chair with Garnuk getting fucked next to you (1M/1F)
  • 3-part orgy scene with the orcs that unlocks after defeating both Bulgor and Ironback at the card game (3M/3F)


Blackrock Spire

New Sub-zone in the Burning Steppes, the mountain is open, in order to enter you need to complete Garnuk’s quest and then go talk with the orcs guarding the entrance, you’ll see a little intro and then the zone will be unlocked.

Training Halls

This is the first Sub-zone inside the Blackrock Spire, here you’ll find a new NPC and new encounters.


New Quest NPC, this female orc will ask you to defeat some of her soldiers and her reward will be a new weapon.


Two new encounters have been added in the Training Halls, the Blackrock Orcs, both male and female. These enemies work as your usual male/female enemies in any other zone, you can break their clothes to unlock different scenes once you defeat them with Lust.

Known Bug

In Northshire, when you gather the 5 Wolf Pelts for the Poor Boy’s quest, if you don’t have the Orc Harness and defeat another wolf the game will lock itself. I was informed about this bug after building this version, apparently it’s a really old bug, so it will be fixed in 8.2, sorry.

Sex Scenes

  • Male orc fucking your ass/pussy while choking you (1M/1F)
  • You edging male orc (1M/1F)
  • You riding male orc (1M/1F)
  • Female orc forcing you to eat her pussy (1M/1F)
  • You spanking female orc while fingering her (1M/1F)
  • You fucking female orc (1M)
  • Oronka fucking you with her strap-on (1M/1F)
  • Garnuk receiving spit roast (kinda) from orc soldiers.


Academy River

  • The last sub-zone of the academy, you can go here any day, but there will be people only on Sunday, and you’ll be able to see a random still scene of your classmates having fun, with a chance of triggering the orgy scene.

Zack Bimbo Route

  • You can now make Zack your bitch by giving him a bimbo potion that you can create in alchemy class using a secret ingredient.
  • The potion can be used on Saturday in the tavern, the option will pop up when you hang out there. Once you give him the potion his normal progression bar will reset and Duncan’s too, from there you’ll have to encounter Zack during MidDay like before, but this time you’ll be the bully.
  • In order to advance past the thresholds of 25/50/75 you need to unlock the scene of those thresholds, and once you do that you’ll need to give Zack another bimbo potion. The secret ingredient won’t be consumed in the creation of the potion, but the bimbo potion will be consumed when you give it to Zack, so you’ll need to craft a new one every time you want to advance the relationship.


  • There is a special guest in one of the tavern’s rooms on Saturday night, maybe you can use your hands to get something useful from him, don’t forget the bucket!

Alchemy Minigame

  • The recipe book during the alchemy minigame has been updated, now it will show you every recipe with the exact ingredients you need to use in the exact order, making it easier. There is a special recipe at the end of the book too…

Sex Scenes

  • You ma.sturbating pressing your dick against Zack’s face during wrestling class. (1M)
  • You forcing Zack to suck your cock in the bathroom (1M)
  • You fin.gering Zack after alchemy class (1M)
  • You fucking Zack in the tavern’s bedroom while he wears pink lingerie (1M)
  • Threesome with Solan and Jay at the tavern’s bedroom (1M)
  • Orgy with your classmates at the river (1M)
  • Zack getting fucked by your classmates at the river.
  • Zack getting fucked by Jay in the locker room’s showers.

Academy Tavern

  • A new sub-zone that will be available on Saturday, here you can hang out with your classmates, and the relationships will have their endings here.

Academy Days

  • Saturday will now have the Tavern available instead of Wrestling class.
  • Sunday will have nothing for now, it will have the River sub-zone in the next version (7.6)
  • You can now sleep at the dorms during day time to jump to the next day.

Jay Relationship

  • The relationship with Jay has been implemented, he will be in specific places every MidDay, and you’ll be able to touch him in a mini-game to increase your affection with him. Jay’s affection increases 10 by 10.


  • The final scene for every relationship has been implemented, all those endings will happen in the tavern at night.
  • Zack has a new bully static scene with a sexual variation once you watch his last sex scene.

Sex Scenes

  • 1 Scene j.erking Jay in the bathroom while pressing your face against his pecs. (1M)
  • 1 Scene sucking Jay after a wrestling match while he chokes you with his thighs. (1M)
  • 1 Scene with Jay hot dogging your ass, pressing his chest against your back in the locker room. (1M)
  • 1 Scene with you laying on top of Jay, riding him as he moves your body up and down inside a bedroom in the Tavern (1M)
  • 1 new-ish scene with Jay pulling down his singlet and fucking you while grabbing your arms. (1M)
  • 1 Scene with Zack fucking you in the basement of the tavern. (1M)
  • 1 Scene with Solan riding you inside a bedroom in the tavern. (1M)
  • 1 Scene with Jay and Zack fucking Duncan inside a bedroom in the Tavern.
  • 1 Scene with Jay fucking Solan lovingly inside a bedroom in the tavern.

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