Lustful Desires [v0.56] By Hyao

Hyao Games released a new game called Lustful Desires and the version is 0.56. The game’s story is It’s an adult text-based game with RPG mechanics, inspired by titles like “Flexible Survival” or “Trials in Tainted Space”. Narrative system: Your choices often have consequences. People like to talk so think about how you want to be seen in towns. -Quest system: Talk with NPCs, some of them may have an additional job for you. -Day/Night Cycle: Maybe you should check some places later? -Battle system: Fight or Tease? It all depends on what you want. -Statuses: Pay attention, some of the attacks may leave you with additional effects.

If you won’t sleep or you drink too much it will have an effect on you as well. -Opponents: Each group of opponents has its own attitude. Defeat a lot of them and they will be angry, submit to them and they will look at you with a gracious eye. -Crafting system: Learn new recipes, collect resources, and makes a wide variety of potions. -Equipment system: Take your favorite weapon and armor with you. -Variety: This world is inhabited not only by humans. Expect to find other species, different beasts, and animals. If you are looking for naughty times, you will find scenes between all genders. -Themes: M/M, M/F, F/F, fantasy creature (lizardman, werewolf, etc)

Developer: Hyao
File Size: 627.0 MB
Version: 0.56
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:





  • Introduction
  • Explore Steppe
  • New Enemy: Centaur Spearmen
  • New Enemy: Gnoll Brute (Top MC has variant for both dom/sub)

Mountain Tavern
Tavern’s Front Door:

  • Introduction
  • New NPC: Vadir


  • Conversation: Mining Operations
  • Conversation: Other problems
  • Quest: Mining Duty
  • Quest: A lesson for goblins
  • Quest: Stolen goods

The mine:

  • Entrance
  • Report to work (Req: ‘Mining Duty’ quest accepted. Between 6:00-12:00; This one has some dirty options, both top/bottom variant)

Game Images & Screenshots


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