Maker her understand with Cheat Notes [v22.10.19] By Yuki Mango

Yuki Mango Games released a new game called Maker her understand with Cheat Notes and the version is 22.10.19. The game’s story is about A love training erotic simulation game with animation + touch + voice! A notebook that says your erotic dreams will come true… Enjoy loving sex? Or do you continue to forcibly have sex with her by the power of the notebook and turn her into a lecherous schoolgirl? You can either increase your sensitivity and perform various kinds of sex, or get items through your work and train her!

The main character, who works at a girls’ school, is fed up with her daily thin salary for the large amount of work he has to do, and tells the Chancellor that he is quitting. In order to keep her on, the school is short of staff, so she pushes a notebook she had used in the past, which she says will make her erotic dreams come true, into his hands. While being indignant at the notion of childish trickery, he writes the name of the heroine in front of him, and …… her body seems to move on its own against her will, and she begins to serve him. The note was real. So, after school, the he called her and

▼ Character Heroine Name: Chise Aoba (voice: Paco Shirakawa) A student at Nakade Gakuen. She is a book lover and asks a lot of questions in class. She is always asking questions in class, and she is always looking at the main character for not being able to answer her questions properly. She can turn her glasses on and off. Main character Name: Kuzuya He is a bum who managed to get a teaching license at a G-rank university and somehow managed to slip into a local girls’ high school by following the connections of Kome. He is so busy that he has no time or money to go to the sex industry, let alone get a girlfriend, and spends his days in agony.

Developer: Yuki Mango
File Size: 751 MB
Version: 22.10.19
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Known Issues / General Notes:

Known Issues:

  • The “option” option in the menu does not work.
  • (You reach the options menu by checking her status.)
  • Numbers might get partially cutoff in the UI.
  • Vaginas don’t have details.
  • (The dev made the animations with censorship in mind and I cannot change that without completely remaking them. because the texture gets horribly morphed.)
  • There are a lot of Japanese files names. This could cause locale issues breaking files during extraction if your system does not support Japanese.


  • This is a heavily edited SugoiV4 MTL. It’s also using my SLR script.
  • I’ve removed all Mosaic overlays but the textures themselves had mosaics, too. So I had to manually redraw them. (That’s why they look so rough.)
  • A lot of the riddles make no sense in English and I don’t know how to fix that.
  • They are built on things sounding the same in Japanese, but obviously are not the same in English.

Game Images & Screenshots


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