Malicious Reload 2 [v1.03] By UNDER HILL

UNDER HILL Games released a new game called Malicious Reload 2 and the version is 1.03. The game’s story is about Suddenly one day, the humans completely disappeared from the street… ‘What the hell is this …? Stella Turner, a medicine intern hiding at home and quietly observing what was going on outside, took a certain course of action.​

Developer: UNDER HILL
File Size: 109.9 MB
Version: 1.03
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Instructions:

Move: ← or →Jump: X
Dodge: F
Equip weapon: S
High kneeling: Press ↑ while holding S * Pistol only
Low Kneeling: Press ↓ while holding S * Pistol only
Shoot: Press Z while holding S
Switch weapons: D
Confirm/investigate: Z
Confirm carried items: C

*You can fully regain your strength by [save].
No recovery items

* Press the space bar to return to the title screen after a failure.
You can also return to the title screen by pressing the space bar in cases other than failure.

* If the game fails with GAME OVER?””, press the Z key to move to the next event.

Game Images & Screenshots


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