Melodic Dates [v1.1] By Poison Adrian

Poison Adrian Games released a new game called Melodic Dates and the version is 1.1. The game’s story is about Melodic Dates is a musical dating simulator that features real scenes with real models and actresses, with a big progression for each one and a big diversity of characters. It features dates with real women where you can talk with them, give them presents and play original mini games in order to win their heart. Play with many women and try to seduce them and win them all!

Developer: Poison Adrian
File Size: 4.54 GB
Version: 1.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added seven new opus: for Anna, Chelsea, Jolie, Kenzie, Lauren, Lola and Sheila
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Some typos fixed


  • Finished Chelsea and Lola’s paths
  • Finished main story
  • Added New Game +, where girls details, favorite gifts, opus gifts and videos are unlocked, Kenzie’s timed opus are unlocked and player starts as the Dean of the Faculty
  • Added five new opus: for Beth, Madison, Marley, Monica and Yang
  • Fixed a bug where asking Chelsea’s weight or height unlocked Kenzie’s weight or height instead
  • Fixed a bug where girls’ videos were not saved if player saved the game just after unlocking them
  • Changed ‘Start Game’ button for ‘New Game’
  • Some typos fixed


  • Finished Monica and Yang’s paths
  • Added two new characters: Lola and Chelsea
  • Added five new opus: for Anna, Delilah, Jolie, Kenzie and Nicole
  • Added three new items (currently 123)
  • Minor bugs fixed

Developer Notes:

Thank you for noticing Melodic Dates. I hope you enjoy it! Please, check out my previous game, Clockwork Poison!

Game Images & Screenshots


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