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Join our aspiring hero (default name: Mark) in Milfairy Tales on his journey to master his family’s renowned sword style. As the son of a legendary heroine who once saved the world from chaos, Mark has a lot to live up to. However, his mother believes she can’t teach him all the aspects of their fighting style, which draws power from one’s inner desires.

To fill this knowledge gap, Mark seeks guidance from his wise and alluring mentors, who will teach him how to channel his sexual tension into powerful abilities. Little does he know, his quest to hone his skills will uncover a much larger purpose, as the land finds itself in need of another legendary hero. Accompanied by a diverse and seductive group of older women, known as Milfs, Mark will embark on a magical journey through the enchanting realm of Milfairy.

Expect an exciting blend of traditional Japanese role-playing game elements, including combat, exploring treacherous dungeons, and engaging in dating and sensual encounters with the captivating Milf characters. Prepare for an epic tale that unites two unlikely lovers, destined to save their world once and for all.

Join Mark and his alluring Milf companions on a thrilling adventure that will captivate your imagination and explore the mysteries of Milfairy—a land protected by the powerful Goddess


  • Date: 7/July/2023
  • Name: Milfairy Tales
  • Version: 0.5990b
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Aunt-Nephew
  • Dev: LeelaK
7/July/2023 – First Upload v.0.5990b

If you’re stuck with the second Mariah in her room, talk to the scarecrow next to Sparring Joe, he’ll apply the old fixes but a new one for that glitch. The double Mariah happened because her second Special Event (???) was selectable before the right time. It shouldn’t be selectable anymore for new playthroughs, but do avoid it just in case.

New quest for Ammy’s storyline:

  • talk to Scotty in her house.
  • head to the arena and talk to Emma to watch the first scene.
  • go to the lake and find Scotty in the area with the Pharos Bloom
  • deafeat the boss
  • go back to Ammy’s house and pick her new training option
  • go to the arena and win Ammy’s second Lust Battle

The Lust Battle minigame is still under construction so somethings might not behave as well.


Good 2D Art, has many hours of gameplay if you are into RPGMs.

Note that there are some tentacle scenes and scenes with other characters fucking their moms, they won’t touch your harem though.


Full free-roam RPG with inventories, questlog, points, combat and mini-games. Expect gameplay and grind.

Check out joiplay for android.


Milfairy Tales v.0.5990b

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Last Updated on July 7, 2023

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