My Bimbo Dream [Episode 1] By MBD

MBD Games released a new game called My Bimbo Dream and the version is vv. The game’s story is about You play as “Randall” a guy who moves back home after Uni. You are faced with the situation that Sue, your loving “landlady” is wanting to give herself breast implants. How will you cope with the beloved woman of your fantasies becoming a step closer to your perfect woman or shall we say SLUT? How will you handle the attention Sue will inevitably get from others? Maybe if she is prepared to get bigger tits, then maybe she would go even further into being your perfect woman?

Developer: MBD
File Size: 165.5 MB
Version: Episode 1
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Episode 1 Initial Release

Developer Notes:

What should I expect in this release? 18.631 words! yeah i know that is a lot… We want to make this a great game and thus we need to create some solid characters with their own unique personalities and lines. More than 300 renders! (And we updated our PC so expect next episodes to have some amazing renders and animations!!!) Android coming soon!

Game Images & Screenshots


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