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In My Dorm, MC returns home after college to a devastating revelation – his father has fled to the Caribbean with his mistress, after years of embezzling money from his job. His now ex-girlfriend is left at home without money. The protagonist has to help convert his family home into a college dorm while simultaneously rekindling relationships with people from his past. Players will explore the game world and interact with 15 girls/women that the character has connections with. They will also have the opportunity to form new relationships with other characters. As the game progresses, new women will be introduced, giving the player more opportunities to build relationships.


  • Date: 8/July/2023
  • Name: My Dorm
  • Version: 0.11A.1
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Aunt-Nephew, Fcousin-Mcousin
  • Dev: Tropecita Games
  • Mod: RiamMar
  • Android and Compression, all from the dev.
8/July/2023- Updated to v0.11A.1
  • 799 still renders and 242 animated frames in two animations (1,041 in total).
  • 15,637 words in English (pre-proofreading).
  • 14,509 words in Spanish.
  • 1,079 dialogue lines.
  • 4,679 lines of code (pre-proofreading and sound.
What happens in this update.. spoilers
  • The wake-up scene with Martha.
  • Breakfast with Kim, Debbie, and Betty.
  • Run in the woods with Kim and Debbie. A new character shows up.
  • Dad is calling.
  • Jamaal’s call.
  • Awkward conversation between Betty and Martha.
  • Saira.
  • Meemaw, Norah, and Kate talk about stuff.
  • An expected arrival in unexpected company.
8/June/2023 – Updated to 0.10B.2
  • Days of development: 41 (4th largest)
  • Words in English: 21,010, Total: 250,096 (5th largest)
  • Words in Spanish: 19,474, Total: 232,521
  • Dialogue lines: 1,511, Total: 17,648 (4th largest)
  • Still images: 1,259, Total: 7,823 (Largest, surpassing previous largest v.0.6 which was 708)
  • Animations: 24, Total: 180 (3rd largest)
  • Animated frames: 1,545, Total: 6,010 (Largest, surpassing previous largest v.0.9B which was 1,074)
  • Total Renders: 2,804, Total: 13,833 (Largest, surpassing previous largest v.0.9B which was 1,663)
  • Lines of code: 2,945 in each language + 4,220 shared, adding up to 7,165, Total 44,476 (Largest, surpassing previous largest v.0.9B which was 3,662)
  • 11 new songs. 3 old songs playing once again.

Character Wise:

  • Meemaw and Aunt Betty arrive at home and family lunch.
  • Norah and Erika have a conversation with the MC in the middle.
  • Emma changes her looks. Knowing more about Lisa and Kim.
  • Conversation with Daphne about the DnD game, and the aftermath of that conversation.
  • Planning a date with Martha for the night.
  • Family dinner. Uncomfortable conversations.
  • Martha and Megan at the Jazz Corner.
  • Martha in her room.
  • More Martha.
  • Even more Martha.
28/April/2023 – Updated to v0.10A.1
  • Included RiamMar’s Family mod into the base game for the Android pre-patched version.
  • English words: 10,047 (Total: 226,734)
  • Spanish words: 9,414 (Total: 213,047)
  • Dialogue lines: 700 (Total: 16.137)
  • But it’s big in everything else:
  • Stills: 642 (Total: 6,564)
  • Animations: 12 (Total: 156)
  • Total Renders: 1,251 (Total: 11.029)
  • Lines of code: 3,507; 1,185 for every language and 2,322 shared (Total: 37,311)


  • Martha and the MC start the day with a chat.
  • There’s another chat with Debbie.
  • Breakfast with Kate and Martha.
  • Simone (long lewd scene).
  • Picking up Meemaw at the airport.
29/March/2023 – Updated to 0.9B.2
  • English words: 23,025. (Total 216.687)
  • Spanish words: 21.265. (Total 203,633)
  • Dialogue lines: 1,692. (Total 15,437)
  • Still Images: 589 (Total 5,922 images.)
  • Animations: 20. (Total 144 animations.)
  • Animated frames: 1,074. Largest update (Total 3,856 frames.)
  • Total renders: 1,633. Largest update (Total 9,778 images.)
  • Lines of code: 3,662, 2,961 in each language and 701 shared (Total 33,804 lines.)


My Dorm is relatively new ( 1 years old~) and is still ongoing. Incest focused for sure, see tags above to see which kind. In terms of content, some characters still hasn’t progressed enough, but some are progressed quite far enough to enjoy. I like the goth girl.

Content 8100+ Images, 176 Animations for v0.10B.2.


VN mode, No Grind. The mod is now built-in.

Use update only by copy/cut > paste > overwrite it into your old game folder.



Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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