Name88’s Triangle [Book 6 Part 1] By Q+N88 3Darts

Q+N88 3Darts Games released a new game called Name88’s Triangle and the version is Book 6 Part 1. The game’s story is about becoming Ghost and taking on the adventure of a lifetime. Explore the most mysterious place on Earth and beyond, with 4 beautiful women beside you. Join the adventure in this cinematic, story-driven, sci-fi, visual novel, with dating sim elements, unlike anything else. Retro – future-styled experience, paying homage to the greatest pieces of 80’s and 90’s pop culture. Action, humor, drama, tension, and intimacy, spiced up with a kick-ass synthwave score, you’ll find it all in – Name88’s Triangle.

Developer: Q+N88 3Darts
File Size: 6.72 GB
Version: Book 6 Part 1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Book 6 Part 1

  • 1014 New images
  • 28 composite animations
  • 22 new songs
  • 13 new sound effects
  • 3713 lines of code/script
  • Fixed small sound bug at the end of Book 2
  • Re-did 3 images at the end of Book 2
  • Re-did 1 animation at Book 1

Book 5 Part 1

  • 891 new images/including 21 composite animations
  • 12 new songs
  • 8 new sound effects
  • 3148 lines of script/code

Developer Notes:

Hello there,I am an aspiring 3D artist,I do Fan-Art aswell as original characters.Currently I am working on my first Adult Visual novel called : “Name88`s Triangle”.My long term goal is to become a pro and turn my passion into more than a hobby.I can do it only with your,much appreciated support,help me keep rendering 🙂

Game Images & Screenshots


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