Netoria Tactics: Revolution [Final Ch.] By Apollo Seven

Apollo Seven Games released a new game called Netoria Tactics: Revolution and the version is Final Ch.. The game’s story is about Join our hero as he ventures down into the caverns, to almost certain death. Joined by who he suspects might be the love of his life, they’ll face obstacles and opponents that test that supposed love down to its core. Will Carwyn be able to overcome his doubts and fears? And will Gwenivier still be waiting for him when he does?

Netoria Tactics: Revolution is an erotic SRPG with an NTR theme. Said NTR is fully avoidable based on how you play the battles. Other party members will try to grope the pair, luring them over to their side. Based on your positioning you can avoid this, but you’ll be at a major disadvantage in the battles. NTR possibilities include three different men trying to win Gwenivier’s affections, a female rival for Gwenivier obsessed with Carwyn, and a male-to-female transformation for Carwyn leading to him becoming the groups plaything.

Developer: Apollo Seven
File Size: 367.5 MB
Version: Final Ch.
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Final Chapter

  • Added the final level
  • Added a new netorase scene that can be triggered near the end of the game if on the Carwyn-Gwenivier romance route
  • Added new gropes for triggering said netorase route
  • Added new gropes for the later stages of the Gwenivier NTR routes
  • Added some new music tracks


  • Added two new levels
  • Added lots of new sex scenes, about 2-3 for each route

New Content:

  • Added Chapter 4, levels 17-20
  • Added a new level in Chapter 3, level 15
  • Added art for naked fem Carwyn
  • Scenes in Chapter 4:
  • Carwyn-Vivian 1
  • Carwyn-Gwenivier 1
  • Vivian-???
  • Fem Carwyn-Owain/Emrys/Mordrid
  • Gwenivier-Owain/Emrys/Mordrid
  • Clone Gwenivier

Other Changes:

  • Added art for Gwenivier’s erotic dancer class
  • You can no longer sell back bonus shop items for a profit
  • Vivian can now embrace her feminine side and wear pretty bows in her hair
  • NTR tie breaker order is now Mordrid>Emrys>Owain, to give character who join later more of a chance
  • Changed Gwenivier’s second class promotion when at 0 loyalty. The Whore class is being moved to a route specific class. (Route specific class coming in Chapter 5)
  • “Unusable” items now called “Equipment”

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed multiple Carwyn base scenes playing in a row
  • Fixed Mordrid gropes triggering the art and dialogue for Vivian gropes instead
  • Fixed Vivian from gaining EXP through time travel
  • Fixed Carwyn’s unintentional transform happening even when not on the map
  • Fixed Kobold Joe’s new bow not changing when using his upgraded class skill

Developer Notes:

The game is in development, with monthly releases until it’s fully finished. If all goes according to plan it will be done in May.

  • February: 4 levels, up through chapter 4.
  • March: 3 levels, up to chapter 5.
  • April: 3 levels, up to the end of the main story.
  • May: Epilogue levels for all main paths.

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