NowaJoestar Games Collection [v2023-09-08] By NowaJoestar

NowaJoestar Games released a new game called NowaJoestar Games Collection and the version is 2023-09-08. The game’s story is about Collection of NowaJoestar Games

Developer: NowaJoestar
File Size: 37.2 MB
Version: 2023-09-08
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Kill la Bitch v1.01

Kill la Bitch v0.53

Elden Waifus Tech Demo v0.4

  • All bugs in the Combat System were fixed.
  • Inventory System is now available.
    -Skill/Armor/Weapon Upgrade System is now available.
  • Fight with enemies now give you experience, runes and stones.
  • A basic Store for h-scenes is now avaible, however this is going to be replaced by the “Roundtable Hold” map that is going to have NPCs and multiple options to buy items in the next patch.
  • Story mode using TMWT Visual Novel System for the next patch.
  • Spirit Invocation System will be added in the next patch.
  • Sound effects will be added in the next patch.

Game Images & Screenshots

Elden Waifus Tech Demo v0.4

Kill la Bitch v1.01

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