NTR冒険者リエナ~狙われ彼女と小さな彼~ – GYS18

Title: NTR冒険者リエナ~狙われ彼女と小さな彼~ DLSite
ID: RJ01093199
Language: Japanese
Developer: Miracleglittica DLSite
Released date: 08/09/2023
Version: Final
Uncensored: No
Storage: 572 MB
Other Games: Link

The first-class female adventurer “Liena” and his boyfriend, the alchemist boy “Il”.

The two decided to set up their long-awaited shop in the city where the dungeon exists.

Liena ventured deep into the dungeon, but also in the dungeon and in the city. The men who are aiming for Liena–

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