Obscure Affairs [sn00p] [v3.40 Ultimate Edition]

Characters introduction

Most of the characters in Obscure Desires are fully customizable, including their relationship with you, name, age, and nicknames.

The Main Character, or MC, has been through a lot in recent years, but has finally managed to get a divorce. Left with almost nothing, he found a cheap rent with some students and moved in with them.

Leah has mostly finished college and is best friends with Eliza, who she met in their first year. They moved in together, but Leah has two sides that may or may not appeal to MC.

Eliza is very different from Leah, but they remain close friends and she is a mystery to MC, feeling like he meets someone new every day.

Diana and Alice are inseparable and moved to the area from the other side of the country. When they arrived at the train station they bumped into Leah, from there it’s another story.. Let’s just say they were housemates after just one week. As for them, they grew up together in the same block and once they were done with school, both of them went to the same college, hoping that, here people wouldn’t laugh at them because of their look and because they are inseparable…

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