OSC The Lust of Us [vDay 1 Final] By Studio44

Studio44 Games released a new game called OSC The Lust of Us and the version is Day 1 Final. The game’s story is about Set in a post-apocalyptic world in which an outbreak has decimated most of humanity, The One Second Chance follows the story of a smuggler who is tasked with escorting a young woman across the United States. Along the way, he makes mistakes, but has a chance to change what was perhaps his biggest mistake. The two must fight off infected and hostile human factions, accept their mistakes, and discover new feelings, all the while walking through a dangerous world in which resources are scarce and survival is uncertain.

Developer: Studio44
File Size: 1023.3 MB
Version: Day 1 Final
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v Day1 Final

  • *Change of Name,
  • *170 new rendered images
  • * 854 lines of script
  • * One animation
  • *One multiple-choice scene
  • * Spell check (credit to Saint Blackmoor , THX)

Developer Notes:

  • *The game is based on the events from the new choice.
  • *It will have multiple characters, because of the complexity of the story, there is a need for interactions between characters and their choices.
  • *The opinion of supporters will be heard, but the story will develop from the assumption of the (new choice)
  • *The choice for the time in which the story takes place is due to the point chosen for the introduction of the plot.
  • As in the original, there will be a jump in time after some choices necessary for the development of the plot.
    *There are plans for animations and interaction, but it takes time, costs and people involved, so I ask for a little patience.
  • There will be nothing illegal or morally offensive, but there will be scenes of sex, violence, and nudity.
  • There will be offensive and bad language dialogs.
  • Tags # anal sex # vaginal sex # blowjob # corruption # domination # harem # virginity # lesbians # Corruption

Game Images & Screenshots


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