Out of Puberty: Reimagined [Ch. 1 Act1 v0.7] By FluffyStudio

FluffyStudio Games released a new game called Out of Puberty: Reimagined and the version is Ch. 1 Act1 v0.7. The game’s story is about “Out of Puberty: Reimagined” is a story that follows Pearl, a young woman who works part-time at a Caffee while dreaming of owning her own home. When her uncle visits unexpectedly, it sets off a chain of events that lead Pearl on an exciting journey of self-discovery. With the support of her best friend Mica, she explores new experiences and pushes past old boundaries. However, she must also navigate the ups and downs of her romantic relationship with Eric. Will their love survive these changes in Pearl’s life?

In this semi-open world game, players can explore diverse maps filled with adventure and intrigue. They can discover hidden secrets by interacting with various characters and uncover fresh plot lines and occurrences. Players can use a phone system to communicate with other characters in the game and even embark on fun dating escapades to cultivate connections. The game offers many opportunities that come complete with exclusive scenery and captivating tales. It also has a heightened and graphically enhanced storyline with arousing animated sex scenes to hold the player’s interest.

Developer: FluffyStudio
File Size: 896 MB
Version: Ch. 1 Act1 v0.7
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • Return Icon on Mobile Gallery: The icon was too dark to be visible, but fear not, I’ve fixed it. Now, navigating through the mobile gallery is a breeze!
  • Re-Edited Eric’s BJ Animation
  • Skip for the Intro: I value your time, and now you have the power to skip the intro and jump straight to the end. No more waiting—dive right into the action!
  • Gallery Added to Free Version: I believe in offering you the best experience, regardless of the edition you’re playing. Enjoy the gallery feature in the free version and relive your favorite moments.
  • Changed Gallery for Fluffy Edition: Exclusive to the Fluffy Edition, I’ve revamped the gallery to bring you even more joy and visual delight. Prepare to be mesmerized!
  • Tier reward Credits all added. As a Tier 3 you will be rewarded, for the contribution, you have given me. All names have been added in the Public Version
  • Changed UI. Feedback had been about the Flower Frame. The Flower frame has been adjusted, as requested by Feedback.


  • Date with Eric (Park) – 9 Animations: Embark on a romantic journey with Eric in the park, featuring nine stunning animations. Get ready for heart-fluttering moments!
  • Mr. Bonbon Intro: Unveil the enigmatic Mr. Bonbon and witness an introduction that will leave you craving for more.
  • Mom Massage Scene + 1 Animation: Relax and indulge in a soothing moment with your mom, accompanied by a delightful animation.
  • Mom Massage Scene Alternative: Explore an alternative version of the mom massage scene, adding a new layer of intrigue and excitement to the story.
  • Mom Mall Date + 2 Animation: Have a genuine moment with your mom in the Mall and uncover a different side to her, while trying different Clothes.
  • Mom Park Date + 1 Animation: Get hot and Sweaty with your mom in the Park, while stretching yourself and get more bendy.
  • Mom Shower + 5 Animation: Get into the Shower and have a hot and Steamy encounter with your mom.
  • Metro Finger Extend + 2 Animations: Brace yourself for an electrifying encounter in the metro with two additional animations, intensifying the thrill.
  • Metro Finger Alternative + 4 Animations: Experience an alternative version of the metro scene, featuring four mind-blowing animations that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Metro Finger Scene + 4 Animations: Hold on tight as the metro scene gets even hotter with four gripping animations that will leave you breathless.
  • Metro Alternative Grope Scene + 5 Animations: Prepare for an exhilarating and daring experience in the metro, featuring five captivating animations that push the boundaries.
  • Uncle + Professor Scene (Continue Story) + 1 Animation: Uncover the next chapter in the story as the plot thickens, accompanied by a tantalizing animation that will leave you hungry for more.
  • Uncle + Professor Scene (Continue Story) + 5 Animations: Brace yourself for a whirlwind of emotions as the story unfolds, enriched by five spellbinding animations that will captivate your senses.
  • Playground: Discover four exciting new scenes in the playground, each accompanied by seven brand-new animations. Prepare for unforgettable adventures!


  • Phone Gallery Icon Not Found Fixed: I squashed this pesky bug that was preventing you from accessing the phone gallery. Now, it’s smooth sailing!
  • Click.webp Not Found Fixed: I’ve resolved the issue where the click.webp file couldn’t be found. Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay from now on.
  • Missing Connections between Scenes in Playground Fixed: I’ve reestablished the missing connections between scenes in the playground. Seamlessly continue your journey without any disruptions.
  • In City, Going to China Town Bug Fixed: No more getting stuck in the city when trying to visit China Town. I’ve rectified this issue, and now you can explore with ease.
  • Grammar Fixes: I’ve combed through every line of dialogue to ensure less headache. If you find any issues, please let me know so I can continue delivering a polished experience.
  • Fixed Brother Image Missing When Brother Was on Bed (Daytime): I’ve located the missing brother image, ensuring a visually consistent experience during daytime scenes.
  • Player Can Now Clean Up After Working in the Café: Cleanliness is important! I’ve resolved the issue where players couldn’t clean up after their shift at the café. Keep everything tidy!
  • Eric Oral Counter Fixed: I’ve fine-tuned the Eric Oral counter to ensure accurate tracking. Enjoy your interactions with Eric without any hiccups.
  • New Icon for Animation Continuity: I’ve added a new icon to indicate when you need to click to continue during animations without visible text. No more confusion!
  • Old Town Metro Bug Fixed: Pressing on China Town will no longer send you back to the old town. I’ve solved this issue, allowing you to explore without any detours.


  • The first release comes with 800 Renders,
  • 100 Animations and over 9,603 Words.

Developer Notes:

Release Announcement As this is the first release, I welcome everyone opinion on the game! Feel free to write a comment, I know I cannot stop you anyway.

Game Images & Screenshots


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