Paizuri Slave Training Program [v1.03] By Aeba no Mori

Aeba no Mori Games released a new game called Paizuri Slave Training Program and the version is 1.03. The game’s story is about Initially, her bust size was only 90 cm, which is considered a “”small bust””– Although she has the potential, this is an unsatisfactory size for a titty-fucktoy. In this game, you can use the “”Tit Augmentation”” to repeatedly enlarge the heroine’s breasts. Advance the training, expand the breasts, and continue training even further…… 102 cm, 121 cm, 137 cm– or even larger. Let’s train her into a splendid titty-fucktoy.

This game is a titty-sex-only training game. You can enjoy various types of titty-fucking, such as mounted tit-sex, vertical tit-sex, reverse tit-sex, suspended tit-sex, sleeping tit-sex, hand-hold tit-sex, show-off tit-sex, and forced tit-sex. All accumulated semen will be ejaculated inside breasts, not a drop remaining. That is the absolute rule of this game. Additionally, you can progress training through special situations, like semen baths or virtual reality experiences.

Developer: Aeba no Mori
File Size: 1.23 GB
Version: 1.03
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

All the training scenes in this game will take place with the heroine wearing a bodysuit. With a thickness of 0.02mm and extremely high elasticity, it fits perfectly to the target’s body, adheres to the skin, and heightens overall body sensitivity. It has high water repellency and moisturizing properties, and zero breathability. No bodily fluids can pass through. There will be no actions that spoil the excitement, such as tearing only a part or exposing the chest. All training will be conducted with the heroine wearing the bodysuit.

Initially having a 90cm bust size, which is considered a “”small bust,”” she gradually undergoes tit enlargement through training and eventually falls to becoming a titty-fucktoy. The purpose of this game is to make her forget and deny all the life she has lived, her dreams, and goals, deeming them worthless, and train her into a titty-fucktoy who finds pleasure only providing service with her breasts.

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