Para Ark [v1.03] By ST Hot Dog King

ST Hot Dog King Games released a new game called Para Ark and the version is 1.03. The game’s story is currently in a very early development stage!!! Main Focus: Breed/ Pregnancy, Alien, Monster girl, Breast Expansion. The main character mates with an alien and bred monster girl. Each monster girl is exclusive, you can’t breed duplicated offspring of the same type. ​

Developer: ST Hot Dog King
File Size: 823.7 MB
Version: 1.03
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

1. Fix Cum sqeeze bug
2. Ease travel between galaxies
3. Fix cheat item bug, insta preg “ALL” not working
4. Added embryo growth x-ray even

Para Ark is now completed, might have some bug fix in the future.
Reminded that next game will be an action game using different game engine, which does not support Mac and Mobile version

What is new in Ver1.00

1. Galaxy 7 and 8, Game Ending
2. +4 new creatures
3. +5 crossbreed creatures
(Lesbian/futa stuff, can be found in Para Ark research room)
(crossbreed creatures look similar to mother, don’t expect too much)
4. Fix freeze grenade bug
5. Fix Queen’s Call Bug
6. Changed solution C recipes to pigeon
7. Separated assembly bay into different category
8. Added Galaxy monster/ item approximate location info
9. Buff ultimate harvester resource gain
10. End game cheat item
11. Transformation Dialogue


  • 1. Galaxy 6 (3 offspring, 2 human characters)
  • 2. New space battle, whale hunting (Unlock after Galaxy 6 mainstory)
  • 3. Adding equip for countering environmental debuff
  • 4. Enabled game running when off-focus
  • 5. Fixed mobile soft lock bug


1. Galaxy 5 (3 new offspring + 1 human character)
2. Added Hazardous Environment UI
3. Addiction display will transfer to “Ero Status”
4. Multiple egg use
5. hyper breast size (but you can’t see her belly then)
6. Love Touch -> replaced all Pet action with general CG (futa/ horsecock / lesbian / masturbate), can use this skill to impreg offspring.


  • 1. Bug fix on Hugger Type 2 skill “Horny Smell” (it is not supposed to cause confusion)
  • 2. Adding preg variation on boobs, oral, vaginal and anal battle H scene

Developer Notes:

Offspring starts from newborn (Small Tits) then grow to mature (Big Tits). Mature offspring can be pregnant but it can only lay eggs for research point (For main character to learn new skill), no planning on cross breeding of Offspring. You can bring one offspring to battle each time. For exploration, main character will be travelling between planet to get resources.

Game Images & Screenshots

Extra: HD CG Pack (Not for Game)

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