Path To Dominion [v0.3.3] By DarkSummerLeaf

DarkSummerLeaf Games released a new game called Path To Dominion and the version is 0.3.3. The game’s story is about This is story that mostly unfolds in August City; A land of magic, opportunity, and never-ending crime. In the Prologue, you enter our young protagonist; An impish young recruit who has been reduced to a shadow of himself. After being humiliated by your own actions in the Academy, a series of events force you to rediscover who you are. In Chapter 1, we go lucid as we take a wild turn to bring New Truths to light and shift the story into a whole new reality. And in Chapter 2, our young antihero turns his back on justice. And embarks on a journey to steal freedom and destroy all that is sacred. (There are no heroes.

only buried evil or worse.) Step into his shoes as he chooses abyss over utopia. Between foul enemies, lust-driven allies, and the heavy fate which trails your unknown past… How stormy will the road to your ultimate goal be? Will you ever reach this said destination? Join this journey. And together we shall find our Path To Dominion.​

Developer: DarkSummerLeaf
File Size: 1.01 GB
Version: 0.3.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Version 0.3.3 changelog:
Character events included:
Maki, Chiyo, Rin, Laura, Mai, Ayumi

  • Enhanced writing style from Prologue to Chapter 1(1st part) for better clarity (still being revised)
  • Fixed grammatical errors and spelling mistakes
  • Approximately 30,000 words or more
  • 900+ new renders
  • 1 sex scene (animations and more images)
  • Added more music
  • Revised portions 0.3.2
  • Revised and improved Inori’s sex scene (6 animations added and images)

Version 0.3.2 changelog:

  • This is casual update about a Sunny Girl! This update centers around dialogue and relationship building.
  • Characters events included: Maki, Ericka, Laura, Inori
  • About 15,000+ words.
  • 270+ new renders.
  • 1 sex scene(4 animations and more images).

Version 0.1.0 contains about:

  • 3,300 lines of dialogue
  • 26,000 words
  • 1,040 images
  • 3 animated sex scenes

Developer Notes:

  • There will be no NTR.
  • There will be no Sharing.
  • This is a story about lovecruelty and revenge.
  • Migration to Sandbox style from Chapter 3 onwards.

Game Images & Screenshots


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