Personal Assistant: Blackheart Edition [v0.5]

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A man hires a young woman named Rachel to be his personal assistant after a tragic accident leaves him struggling to cope. Rachel has her own issues with an overprotective mother and a desire to break free from her home life. The man must decide whether to use his power over Rachel to corrupt her or allow her to help him heal. As he navigates his desires and needs, his actions will have lasting consequences on those around him, including his own daughter and Rachel’s sister. The story explores themes of corruption, dominance, and incest, with no clear right or wrong choices.


  • Date: 4/August/2023
  • Name: Personal Assistant
  • Version: 0.5
  • Tags: Father-Daughter
  • Dev: Blackheart Games
  • Android: incg


Just replayed this yesterday, all of Blackheart Games (The Guardian, Secrets of Whispering Pines , Blackheart Hotel) are connected i.e takes place in the same universe. Personal Assistant is lock people in basement themed. Though there are 2 paths, evil and good. Highly connected to whispering pines.

Content: 3350+ Images, ~173 Animations total for v0.5.


No grind, VN mode. No patches needed. Built-in Walkthrough and Gallery.



Last Updated on August 4, 2023

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