Predation [v0.2.1.0] By HornedLizardStudios, Veronika Repo

HornedLizardStudios, Veronika Repo Games released a new game called Predation and the version is The game’s story is about I go by the name of Sephra, and I’m creating an 18+ Furry Platformer style game that features adult art and detailed pixel animations, both adult and otherwise; My hopes are to make a game that can stand on its’ own as a fun, entertaining platformer from the days of old, while also giving the option of a more… -ahem- steamy way to play through it!​

Developer: HornedLizardStudios, Veronika Repo
File Size: 402.4 MB
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Fixed a crush that occured sometimes when entering Amber’s apartment a second time
  • Fixed a bug that crushed the game when leaving and re-entering the apartment
  • Fixed the radio picker being slightly too small to display all items
  • Fixed the animation picker on the terminal cutting off the last item
  • Fixed the animation picker not having a proper scroll bar
  • Fixed some of the incorrect mouse position calculations when picking an animation in the menu
  • Fixed the x-ray toggle in the options menu not actually toggling the x-ray sprite
  • Fixed some of the tooltips displaying incorrect info in the options menu
  • Increased the animation’s size in the gallery by 2x
  • Added an option to pick either 2D or 3D gallery


  • Added small sound effects for certain actions
  • Added the credits in the menu
  • Disabled a few options until their functionality is either fixed or properly implemented


  • Fixed a crash related to pausing during a starting cutscene
  • Fixed a crash related to pausing during the bossfight
  • Fixed a crash related to old saves being used (we’ll make sure saves are compatible before we release Level 2!)
  • Fixed a few minor graphical glitches or incorrect / missing sprites
  • Fixed a crash related to saving and loading games under very specific circumstances
  • Removed the Syringe gun from the hard-to-find saferoom, and moved it close to the ending of the tutorial, to make sure players don’t miss it
  • The Syringes will now also heal some infection
  • Replaced the “new game” button to “start game” in the main menu to make it less confusing
  • Added a new button to the main menu that will take you to a small demo of the new Player combat and movement we’ve been working on, complete with more sprite frames, better transition between states and a completely new block mechanic! Also added a new OST to this a

Developer Notes:

Welcome to the official page of Predation! It’s been a quite eventful last year for us, since the last release, we’ve been hard at work at bringing you a completely re-worked and updated release. While we’re far, far from having a finished game, we feel confident to deliver something fun and playable very soon!

Right now, we have a small teaser, which features the new main menu, a reworked Gallery with all CGs and animations unlocked by default (for now), and a small teased map which shows off the new movement system and the new combat, although it is slightly hidden, see if you can find it!

Game Images & Screenshots


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