Princess Knight’s Mission ~ Anna’s Marvelous Adventures ~ [Final] [KIRINJET]


In the peaceful Kingdom of Caburliny, Monster activity is on the rise.Embark on a quest to find the cause of it and hopefully save the world. Play as Princess Knight Anna, a descendant of a hero of the past, meet many characters, and help people around the Kingdom.
This game is a role-playing game featuring a Turn-based Combat system. It is characterized by a rich and immersive storyline, accompanied by excellent visual effects and atmospheric music. Players explore a vast world.




Game Features

About erogie scenes
– Basic erogie CG: 46 pieces.
Total difference in erogie.
CG: 408 pieces.
Combat erogie: 4 types in total x 3 stages (Combat eroticism 2nd stage, after Rape).
Defeat erogie: 8 types in total (occurs when defeated in a boss battle or Zako battle, (It is also possible to self-destruct with items).
In addition, there are plenty of erotic events in the kingdom and slums! There are also dress-up elements. (You can hide the text at any time by pressing the Shift key during erotic scenes).

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