Project Myriam – Life and Explorations [Ch. 4.05p] By Zorlun

Zorlun Games released a new game called Project Myriam – Life and Explorations and the version is Ch. 4.05p. The game’s story is about You guide Myriam, as her life changes in a new city and finds herself pushed out of a sheltered life, will she embrace her newfound independence or will she slip back into the comfort of a subservient life; will she venture forth and explore her repress desires and the opportunities that open up to her or will she let herself be submerged by life; will she follow the advice of good people or be manipulated by evil ones; and of all those weird events that she will fall upon… You decide.​

Developer: Zorlun
File Size: 4.23 GB
Version: Ch. 4.05p
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Ch. 4.04
What’s new:

  • 2700+ lines of new code and 187 new renders.
  • 2 scenes.
  • 9 new choices to make Myriam more your own and write her story.
  • Some more naughty content (3 subscenes).
  • Multiple spellchecking fixes.
    Third update of chapter 4 start just after the next one at Eve’s loft, with some character and plot development, there and a bit of outside adventures.
    The first scene is a big one, comprising nearly three scenes, first part is about character and plot development after the last update, as well as preparing the future with some important choices; second part is outside, following Myriam on a run with Cassius; third part is about some time relaxing in the bath, with Marc depending on choices.
    The second scene is a short scene, starting after a short ellipse concluding what came before and opening on the new coming scenes.
    On the naughty side, it’s a calmer update, only two possibilities with Marc which will depend on previous choices and a possible scene with Cassius during the run (with Prometheus’ patch, already included).
    The update is of a fair size, but sadly may come as short again depending on choices, but at this point of the game it will become a recurring thing, the more the game advance, the more choices become an influence on the events.
    Chapter 0 through chapter 4.03 dialogues have been reviewed, ch4.04 still waiting for review. A big thanks as always to Kyla Ang

Ch. 4.03
What’s new:

  • 2500+ lines of new code and 205 new renders.
  • 2 scenes.
  • 13 new choices to make Myriam more your own and write her story.
  • Some more naughty content (7 subscenes).
  • Multiple spellchecking fixes.

Developer Notes:

What Project Myriam is about?

Well first it’s about my first attempt to make an adult visual novel, so it will be highly experimental as I discover programming, DAZ3D and developing all at the same time, so please, be indulgent and do not hesitate to share advices if you have some.

And Myriam, well she’s the main character of the game, and you’ll be guiding her as her life changes, making her take charge of this new life or letting her slip back in her old bad habits. She will be confronted to her own repressed feelings, to good and evil people, to love, lust and hate, and some strange and weird events.

I designed it to be heavy on choices, your influence on the destiny of Myriam will be big, she will be able to live some vanilla happy life, become a full on independent woman, or slip in a life of debauchery.

Game Images & Screenshots

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