PULSAR: Lost Colony Download PC Game for Mac

PULSAR: Lost Colony Download PC Game for Mac

PULSAR: Lost Colony: A Deep Space Adventure

PULSAR: Lost Colony Download PC Game for Mac
PULSAR: Lost Colony Download PC Game for Mac


Are you looking for an action-packed, space-themed game that challenges your strategic and problem-solving skills? Look no further than PULSAR: Lost Colony. In this game, you and your team must explore the vast reaches of space, build and upgrade your spaceship, and complete missions to uncover the mysteries of the lost colony.


PULSAR: Lost Colony is set in the future, where humanity has discovered faster-than-light travel and has begun colonizing the galaxy. However, a colony that was established on a distant planet has mysteriously gone dark, and your team has been tasked with investigating and potentially rescuing any survivors. You and up to four other players take on various roles on the spaceship, such as captain, engineer, and pilot, and work together to overcome obstacles and complete missions.


PULSAR: Lost Colony is a multiplayer game that can be played with up to five people. Each player takes on a specific role on the spaceship, and together you must manage resources, repair and upgrade the ship, and complete missions. The game has a sandbox-style gameplay, meaning there is no set path to follow, and you are free to explore the galaxy at your leisure.

Ship Customization

One of the main features of PULSAR: Lost Colony is the ability to customize your spaceship. You can upgrade the ship’s weapons, engines, shields, and more to make it more powerful and resilient in battle. You can also design the layout of the ship, choosing which rooms to place and how to connect them.

Mission Types

There are several types of missions in PULSAR: Lost Colony, each with their own objectives and challenges. Some missions require you to explore derelict spaceships, while others involve negotiating with alien races. There are also combat missions, where you must engage in battles with enemy ships.

Crew Roles

Each player on the team has a specific role to play, such as captain, engineer, or scientist. The captain is responsible for making strategic decisions and giving orders to the rest of the crew. The engineer is in charge of repairing and upgrading the ship’s systems, while the pilot navigates the ship through the galaxy. The scientist conducts research and provides valuable information about alien species and technologies.

Graphics and Sound

PULSAR: Lost Colony features beautiful, detailed graphics that immerse you in the game’s world. The sound effects and music add to the experience, creating an atmosphere of tension and excitement as you explore the unknown depths of space.


PULSAR: Lost Colony is a must-play for anyone who loves space-themed games and cooperative gameplay. With its deep customization options, challenging missions, and immersive graphics and sound, this game will keep you entertained for hours on end.


  1. Is PULSAR: Lost Colony available on consoles?
  • Yes, the game is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
  1. Can I play PULSAR: Lost Colony by myself?
  • No, the game requires at least two players to start a game.
  1. Can I play PULSAR: Lost Colony with my friends online?
  • Yes, the game supports online multiplayer.
  1. How often are new updates and content released for PULSAR: Lost Colony?
  • The developers release new updates and content periodically, but there is no set schedule.
  1. Is PULSAR: Lost Colony a difficult game to learn?
  • The game has a steep learning curve, but the tutorial and in-game guidance help players learn the mechanics.


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