Ready To Reform [v1.005] By Midnoblu

Midnoblu Games released a new game called Ready To Reform and the version is 1.005. The game’s story is about In Ready to Reform, you play as an adult male who is sent to live in a Personal Growth Center, and figure out how to adapt to your new life there. Though at first it may seem like an environment designed to confine you, it could potentially open you up in some ways…​

Developer: Midnoblu
File Size: 18.9 MB
Version: 1.005
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

I don’t have an exact figure for how many words were added but it’s at least 12,000+. As I explained in a previous post, it’s way bigger than I intended so please don’t expect future updates to be the same size. It adds a new character, new outfits for you to get, and two ‘side affairs’ (side quests) for you to play on the Eager Sissy path.

Because of the structure of the game, it will not be clear when you’ve finished the new content. There’s a walkthrough below if you can’t find the content.
Bugs and Issues fixes:

  • Fixed a prologue skipper bug that could break the programming.
  • Changed it so you become frustrated, not excruciated, when libido is high in chastity.
  • Added a choice at the start of the game to help be guided to the Eager Path, because it has the most content.
  • Fixed a prologue skipper bug that caused the ‘dwell on your mindset’ to not show you a summary of yourself.

Game Images & Screenshots


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