Refuge of Embers [v0.11b] By Escape Sauce

Escape Sauce Games released a new game called Refuge of Embers and the version is 0.11b. The game’s story is about story follows the renamable main character Biorn as the world he knows gives way to change that causes him to discover a deeper purpose. Biorn lives a simple life with his friends in a remote frontier village at the edge of the known world. Events eventually lead him to Pyre, the enormous capital city where he encounters unusual new characters and situations. How will Biorn and his friends react to the strange new world they find themselves in?

Developer: Escape Sauce
File Size: 315.0 MB
Version: 0.11b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Version 0.10:

  • Biggest update released to date, project moved from alpha to beta
  • Game content has roughly doubled over version 0.09
  • All core game systems completed and save stable
  • Music and sound effects now implemented
  • Full rework on existing story and artwork
  • All placeholder artwork completed and several new backgrounds added
  • Backgrounds & character sprites now have time of day and lighting filters
  • Prologue now complete with 5 paths and a romance scene for all major characters
  • Tons of new artwork and scenes including 3 new animated h-scenes
  • Implemented a hidden effigy minigame that will eventually unlock bonus scenes
  • Added censored mode for content creators and possibly the Amish
  • And much more


  • Added story events halfway through fifth day
  • Added new Eryn render (Creek)
  • Added new Raisa animated H-Scene (Footjob)
  • Replaced 2 placeholder backgrounds with final art (Creek & Forest Path)
  • Added bepis to Rithe’s character sprite
  • Added Eryn’s sprite poses to the sprite viewer
  • Fixed Eryn’s sleeves not appearing in the sprite viewer
  • Full redesign of the options menu with new GUI elements
  • Added new video options menu
  • Added animated particles video option to mobile version
  • Added a useless VR mode video menu because we think it’s funny
  • Created gameplay options menu screen
  • Added new option to select language for later support
  • Created new audio options menu screen
  • Added mute button to audio options menu
  • Added music and sound effect sliders to audio options menu
  • Created new toggleable content options screens
  • Replaced redundant toggleable content option with anal content
  • Added internal view content preview picture to menu
  • Added impregnation content preview picture to menu
  • Added male on male content preview picture to menu
  • Added anal sex content preview picture to menu
  • Added placeholder female on female content preview picture to menu
  • Created new extra options menu screen
  • Added cheat code input screen to mobile version
  • Fixed cheat code input not properly unlocking gallery
  • Added potentially cursed M̵̩̼̃̓́̈́y̷̬̭̏͋͋̕̕s̵̯̪̗̰̓̐͛́̄̃͘t̸̢̏̈́̀̏̈ê̴̛̲̗͕͔̪̭̱͂̇̎r̵̲͕͖̽̌̈́̈́͊y̷͎͈̭̯͍̪͆̆̔̌̎̇̕ ̴̛̣̳̌̓͗̄͛͝Ó̶̹̊̀̚͘p̶̙͕̹̪̹̫̻͗͒ẗ̴͋ͅi̷̯̦̤͆̊́̒̓̚ơ̴̢̧͓̭͖̫͛n̷̡̢͚̜͖̪͛͐̿ to the extras menu
  • Created supporter imagebuttons with links
  • Added logo to splash screen
  • Splash screen now generated with existing assets instead of using a picture
  • Simplified buttons to use fewer image assets
  • Continued major performance tweaks and file conversions

Game Images & Screenshots


Uncensor Patch (0.09+)*: LEWDPATCHER – DONTCENSOR

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