Reunion [Karabinek] [v0.60 Patched]

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Assist the MC in uncovering the truth and bringing closure to this heart-wrenching story in the game called “REUNION.”

You take on the role of a 27-year-old man who makes a long-awaited return to his hometown after almost a decade. Your purpose is to attend the reading of your father’s last will and testament. However, this homecoming also stirs up bitter memories of Linda, the woman responsible for the destruction of your life.

Due to her actions, you were forced to leave your family and closest friends behind. Fueled by revenge, you guide the main character through a web of secrets, progressively learning shocking and unexpected things about your father. With each revelation, the MC digs deeper into the murky underbelly of your hometown. Eventually, after years of absence, you must confront the haunting past and the darker side of your community, finally putting this painful chapter of your life to rest.


  • Date: 5/July/2023
  • Name: Reunion
  • Version: 0.60
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister
  • Dev: Karabinek
  • Mod: Scrappy
  • Incest Mod: simple_human
  • Android: Incg


Pretty good, lots of content, no blue balls.

Content: 12000+ Images, 64 Videos total for v0.60.


Linear visual novel, no grind. Enable/Disable built-in Walkthrough in settings.



Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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