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DumbCrow Games released a new game called Revenge and the version is 2023-07-17. The game’s story is about An army of demons breaking into human lands. Their eyes burn with vengeance. They want to free themselves from human oppression and return to the lands, that once belonged to them a long time ago. However, victory must be obtained not only in a fight. Someone has to maintain morale and replenish the troops with new recruits. It’s your time to help your fellow tribesmen win freedom.​

Developer: DumbCrow
File Size: 441 MB
Version: 2023-07-17
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • Road map
  • Demons army camp
  • Skills rework
  • Alchemy


  • I have finished implementation of protagonist’s “favors” system. She can inspire her minions, heal and provide moral support.
  • Protagonist can take part in missions (well, only one so far, but I will try to add others in future). In the minion selection list, she will appear at the very top and her participation will cost her 20 of “contentment”. Unlike her minions, during the mission, she will not spend stamina, but her “contentment”. Try her in “Entertain demons” mision where she will assist her minions/
  • Now the protagonist will inspect camp places on her own. The more often camp place is used, the more often she will visit it. Visits affect her mood.
  • Certain mood types will now have a permanent effect on all minions in the camp.

Developer Notes:


  • Manage your company on a randomly generated map.
  • Visit different locations to complete missions, recruit or replenish supplies.
  • The right route will save you time.
  • Take care of your minions.
  • Make sure that they are always fed, clean, clothed and satisfied.
  • A happy minion will always be happy to help you on your adventures.
  • Don’t forget to upgrade your camp and wagons in the workshops.

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