Ruin Me [v0.52.4] By Phanes


Phanes Games released a new game called Ruin Me and the version is 0.52.4. The game’s story is about In Barrowport, a town of dark mysteries, the young woman said, “I want you to ruin me.” As a professor of antiquities, you assumed your new position would involve investigating strange artifacts and stories of monsters. You didn’t expect that young Theresa Radcliffe would know your forbidden secret or that she would beg you to lead her down a path of depravity. ​

Developer: Phanes
File Size: 86.8 MB
Version: 0.52.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • The bar toilets, where you can have minor play scenes that don’t pass time, available from the start of the game.
    • Scenes include a gloryhole and piss play. This location will be expanded, given more art, and used for other things in the future.
    • There’s a low chance of an encounter with Theresa (once she reaches Experience 3) if you’ve given her a routine involving sex in town or you’ve enabled the “Jealousy” sophisticated book in your bedroom.
  • Options for erotic encounters and play with Theresa at minor locations in the Reform Institute, once you’ve started the “Improve the Reform Institute” task by talking to Theresa in the office there.
    • Institute play scenes are mostly text-only without art and don’t pass time.
    • Different options are available in most Institute locations depending on what improvements you’ve made there.
    • Kinks include exhibitionism, public sex, voyeurism, group sex, enemas, piss play, foot stuff, feeding, drunken sex, and more.
  • An option to gain 10 Ken per action in Act III by visiting Dr. Harvey’s cellar laboratory at the Reform Institute.
  • A reduction in price for the two less-revealing leotard costumes.
  • An improvement to remove the “Where shall you go?” prompt on navigation menus (and some similar prompts), mostly to improve the mobile experience.
  • Improvements to the early game and for new players:
    • An incomplete guide.txt in the game directory that will offer an outline of what’s in the game, tips on how to access it all, and some hints for places players have gotten stuck.
    • The intro and tutorial sequence are now skippable if you’ve completed them on the same device before.
    • Better-distributed guidance for players in the early game, including a journal task for the initial town exploration.
  • An overhauled top menu for Theresa’s chambers, breaking her conversation into four main options (Chat, Investigate, Train, and Play) and two customization options. These main buttons should now display whether there’s something new under them, which should hopefully reduce the amount of hunting around required.
    • “Chat” lets you talk to Theresa about herself; new responses will occur when her statistics increase.
    • “Investigate” lets you pursue horror expeditions and the main story.
    • “Train” lets you plan and execute training and, eventually, her graduation.
    • “Play” lets you access play scenes.
  • Other interface improvements:
    • Play scenes have been rearranged in the menus to reflect the statistics required to play them.
    • A new style for unseen play items (a red paperclip instead of an asterisk) that will also be used for new options elsewhere (for the moment, just in Theresa’s chambers).
    • A new button background style for insensitive buttons.
    • A rework to the stat choice menu, used for play scenes, nomenclature, etc. This includes an update to how stat choice buttons are displayed that should reduce awkward layouts.
  • New options and art for existing scenes:
    • Additional options for the second “Dirty Talking” training scene, letting you opt out of masturbating in front of Theresa.
    • New art for the third “Dirty Talking” training scene, actually hiding Theresa behind the screen as described.
    • Enhanced background effects for the conclusion of the “Moaning Hole” expedition.
    • An improvement to prompts for “The Smoky Glasses”, making it flow a bit better if you postpone the expedition and providing guidance to wait until the next act.
    • New art for the figurine from “The Impassable Passage” horror expedition, shown when first acquired and when reviewing your curios in your bedroom.
  • Improvements to options from the Bend Reality menu (available to Center of Attention patrons):
    • A division of the “Control Fate” option into “Control Randomness”, which activates prompts to choose the outcome of certain random events, and “Pick Ambiences”, which turns on the ability to pick which ambience will play in places like the town or the breakfast table.
    • A new prompt for when the Control Randomness cheat setting is active, used when giving options and probabilities for some minor random events.
    • The ability to control most of the random outcomes from the Naked Walk play scene.
  • New transitions:
    • A new transition for entering/exiting the main menu.
    • A new transition for entering choice menus. Hopefully this is unobtrusive; please send me feedback if you have an opinion on it!
  • Improvements to accessibility features:
    • Improvements to TTS self-voicing on stat choice menus (e.g. play scene menus, nomenclature menus) so that requirements are properly read aloud on focus.
    • Major characters (those with art) are now described in narration when they first appear.
    • An improvement to randtext tags, applying them as dialogue is said. This means that, for the first time, visual text, TTS self-voicing, and the game’s History log should all show the same text for the same line!
  • Minor fixes and enhancements.

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