Santa Lucia [Build 43 Patreon] By Stormsinger Studios

Stormsinger Studios Games released a new game called Santa Lucia and the version is Build 43 Patreon. The game’s story is about you take on the role of a young cat named Ben in his first semester at the University of Santa Lucia. As a child, Ben was prone to crippling headaches and blackouts. One night in his first year of high school, these pains culminated in a terrifying nightmare, which marked the beginning of recurring night terrors which have plagued his life ever since then.

Still, Ben manages to maintain an optimistic view of life, looking forward to the change of pace university has to offer. As you experience Ben’s first semester, you’ll encounter a wide cast of colorful characters, several of whom you’ll be able to pursue a romantic relationship with. However, some nights Ben still has those headaches which caused him so much grief growing up. Will you be able to live your first semester of university to the fullest, or will the pains eventually overwhelm you?​

Developer: Stormsinger Studios
File Size: 608.2 MB
Version: Build 43 Patreon
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Build 43 Notes:

Build 42 Notes:

Build 41 Notes:

Build 37 Notes:

  • + Bryan route: Oct. 11th
  • + Common route: Oct 13th

Developer Notes:

Santa Lucia is an adult-oriented visual novel being developed by a branch team of Stormsinger Studios. This game has been DzahnDragon’s baby for years and is what he initially set out to build experience for with the Morenatsu Revisited project. Dzahn and Devilizer aim to create an engrossing drama about a young man’s first experience with college life, hopefully bringing back nostalgic memories for readers who have gone through something similar.

This visual novel is intended for adults only and will feature graphic depictions of homosexual relationships. There are also depictions of violence and trauma that readers may find disturbing.

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