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– added 2 new events, first Amber event and nsfw event with Cookie and Sergil
– now if the texture is loading, it shouldn’t show weird graphical glitches
– credits: they now end scrolling on the last message, six seconds after they end scrolling the game will automatically quit to title menu
– changed the requirements positions of perks, now it’s represented as it should be (You have X out of Z and not you need Z and you have X)(not in all yet)
– bug fixed staggering in credits menu
– bug fixed some blinking and mouth positioning in Clark’s perfect event and in overheard conversation by Ame event
– bug fixed not unlocking Butt stuff for Cookie GH gallery
– bug fixed credits button loading up gallery save for no reason
– corrected few typos

– added all missing skin variations to GH and modified few existing ones
– a big change to how the GH animations are being loaded/unloaded into/from the memory during gameplay
– fixed a bunch of visual bugs in GH gallery
– fixed crash when client entered the GH room
– fixed a bug that overlaped stats over text in chat menu
– got rid of some hollow code calls when there was no need for them
– fixed a lot of typos, thank you Kai!

– added Cookie’s nsfw group event (20 cgs)
– added a bunch of skin variations to the GH room animations (not all yet)
– bug fixed button positions of Guyaru and Cookie’s client events
– bug fixed positioning in Cookie’s client gallery
– bug fixed GH room not showing BJ animation for Cookie in winter skin
– fixed few typos

– added 2 events, sfw-ish introduction to Cookie’s group event and one Cynthia’s sfw-ish chat event
– added Credits screen, you can access it in Extras in Title Menu (If by any chance I missed someone in the credits, please let me know and I will add you! I will be updating it when needed.)
– fixed a bug a bug that didn’t correctly save and load your responses in Cynthia’s parents dinner event
– corrected few typos

– added 2 new events, – nsfw housewife event and Cynthia’s chat event
– added TripleP animations to GH room with their skins and added couple of skins animations to the backrooms (4 animations x 5 skins = 20 in total)
– adjusted GH animations correctly representing choosen position (for example dp for Rai will be shown when double client is in there with selected vagin*l or an*l)
– fixed bug causing crash if you tried to title screen if you had clients in GH
– fixed bug crashing the game related to wrongly drawing animation in GH
– fixed bug when latest Ame’s chat event didn’t add stats
– uncluttered some code from backrooms working in background when it should be already finished
– added seperate texture files for skin in GH camera, should help with using too much memory
– [mac] fixed stretching of the images with the window
– corrected few typos

– added 2 new events = 1 new main story event and 1 nsfw Ame’s chat event
– added new idle and invite animation for each girl (8 in total) to the bunny skin
– added Swimsuit Cynthia’s Feet Work to the GH
– updated 4 icons in upgrade menu that was just a copy of other icons
– few changes so skins should load faster
– [mac] changed the splash screen during installation
– fixed a bug with Cynthia’s GH and camera animations discrepancy
– fixed a bug that introduced Fitness Addict even if you didn’t see Jock’s aftermath event or Cynthia didn’t have Triangle Pin
– fixed a bug skipping Cynthia’s first talk event if you saw it in previous saves (you might have to see it again to unlock it in gallery)
– fixed a bug that skipped showing Sergil’s and Amber’s Take Out cg’s in gallery like it is skipping the hidden cg if it’s not discovered
– fixed a bug making Cookie’s first time with Sergil animations being out of order
– fixed a bug with wrong font for chocolate cake in auto buy
– fixed a bug with invisible characters in sfw rooms if you had bunny skin on
– fixed a bug that made Rai sprite jump around the scene in event where Cookie finds her video
– fixed a bug Gyaru Guy and girl speaking out of order
– fixed a bug in first Cynthia event where Sergil’s mouth was not connected to his body and fixed characters icons
– corrected a lot of typos

– added new Bunny Suit skin for workers and cafe
– 148 cgs for abilities replaced with Bunny Suit skin, coloring and adjustments
– 2 new abilities cg’s (+8 skin variations)
– added 8 cg’s skin variations to Amber’s two Take Out’s
– added winter pause menu to winter skin
– textures size adjustments of some animations in winter skin

– added 2 new events (Rai’s chat event and random nsfw event)
– added new perk/skill, inviting clients to backrooms
– changed how Sergil’s skills look like (and hide) during gameplay
– added info screen to backrooms with Ame to let you know basics in there
– added info to nsfw and aftermath client events that you need at least one action point to start them
– fixed bug not showing you Amber’s CG’s with Sergil after unlocking them in gallery
– fixed bug showing wrong number of unlocked CG’s after unlocking secret Sergil’s CG
– fixed bug Goth client spawning Anime guy instead in GH room

– added 2 new events Cookie’s and Ame’s jogging and introduction of last week’s client
– added 2 new Take Out Cg’s for the new client
– updated 5 cgs with Rai and Cookie showing their boobas to clients in random event
– added loading screens to gallery CG viewing, fixing the random flashing while loading textures
– changed so buying GH and VIP will automatically open them in the game
– fixed Ame’s take out CGs in skins in gallery wrongly numbered and ordered
– fixed CG’s not showing for Cynthia’s nsfw wake up event in gallery
– fixed clipping in Cynthia x Cookie drinking at night event (and added few frames for smoother animation)
– fixed showing Sergil hugging Cynthia idle animation when he is busy in backrooms
– fixed Cynthia’s ‘back view’ not loading correctly in the event with hooded client
– fixed blinking CG in ‘everyone’s break’ event CG and not loading correctly when seeing this event during gameplay
– fixed crash when trying to start Cookie’s interactive event
– fixed bug with disappearing Cookie and Sergil images in the Cookie’s sfw Sport fans event
– fixed crash in First Bad ending
– fixed couples in game CG position with Sergil

– added 2 new event (1 random after unlocking backrooms, 1 Ame’s chat)
– you can now buy a perk allowing you more actions at the end of the day (like chatting with girls or client events), but it’s very expensive skill, 1st level available after defeating second boss Clark, and second level after unlocking backrooms
– now you can see client’s sfw (1st) event and benefit events without using up the end of the day action points, but nsfw and aftermath do take it away as previously
– added in title menu settings an option to change your keyboard layout from qwery to qwerz, so the shortcuts in main game would function correctly (next week I will add azerty, as I’ve only now learned about this setup)
– changed the way triangle pin stock is being calculated to stop it from restocking everyday
– fixed back panels and text positions in upgrade menu to be consistent with each other
– fixed text error in perk description Help in the back
– fixed crash in gallery while clicking Cynthia Clients
– fixed icon Gyaru showing even after changing menus
– fixed Ame starting with increased favor and increased slightly her starting stats
– fixed Cookie’s and Sergil’s positions in first Cookie’s chat event
– fixed mouth positions in Clark’s related events
– fixed coherency bug with Emilia’s prefered items explenation
– fixed crash if Cynthia did footjob in GH while in swimsuit
– fixed a bug blocking inspector event in gallery if you saw Ame’s event first
– fixed bug uncorrectly calculating walking time for a walking-in client, making him walk in place
– fixed bug cutting out the sound prematurely when entering preparation menu
– fixed not being able to get into the client’s menu if you didn’t have any more actions remaining
– corrected few typos

New update, 6 new animations in GH room that are also added to GH camera (plus one extra that wasn’t added last week, Cookie’s dp). I also introduced few changes to the way client’s enter backrooms.

Each client that can get into the backrooms now has 25% chance to enter backrooms and then chooses between vip room and GH room (50% for each). If the room is closed, occupied or not bought, then client tries to go to the other room. If that one is occupied, closed or not bought too, then the client tries to sit down normally. If all tables are occupied too, then he will walk away. It’s a change from repeatable random chances rolls at each stage of trying to get into the cafe, at the same time it was reducing the chance of client getting into the rooms and kept bugging out at places. Hopefully this will fix these problems.

This week is a smaller update. I was feeling a bit burned out and distracted by a lot stuff happening in real life, couldn’t get serious work done. Sorry for that. I’ll make it up to you next week!

– added 8 new events when you buy GH upgrade perk for each girl for BJ and FJ parts
– added 10 new animations in the GH and 9 animations in the GH camera
– in the event where Rai held Sergil’s hand changed tiredness decrease to energy increase
– if you zoom on the room you will no longer get icons of girls from different rooms if you click out of the zoomed-in room by accident
– changed in GH camera flashing green colors until the texture loaded and replaced it with ‘loading’ screen
– fixed bug in gh camera that didn’t show the camera screen if no maid was there
– fixed bug that displayed on small camera screen lonely ‘rod’ even if there wasn’t any client inside
– fixed bug that didn’t grey out client’s book button when clicked
– fixed bug that prevented showing text box at the start of the game if you clicked middle button
– fixed bug that increased girls popularity a lot if you bought the correct upgrade
– fixed bug preventing putting Rai in breakroom during gameplay if you didn’t have time stopped
– fixed bug not registering which action the maid just did in GH room
– fixed bug that allowed to click escape while in transitions between backrooms and service room, leading to visual glitch
– fixed bug that prevented in the GH events some characters from moving their mouth
– fixed bug that let you start couple of events in upgrade menu if you clicked fast enough
– fixed bug that didn’t show sound in GH room if you clicked the left button
– fixed crash while clicking escape trying to return to gameplay from pause menu
– fixed crash while trying to return to title screen if you had max cleanliness and the rare client didn’t spawn yet
– fixed bugs preventing creation of YYC build (more optimized build)
– few changes and adjustments between texture files for faster and less heavy on ram loading
– corrected few typos

– added 6 new events (unlocking GH room, buying secret camera and each maids unlocking option to choose HJ in GH room)
– added perks regarding maids actions in GH to the upgrade menu and now you can change maids action in GH room if you purchase this perks
– added camera upgrade to GH in the backrooms upgrades, in the escape menu you can still disable the camera but only if you bought it
– now, without camera upgrade, you don’t clearly know what’s happening in GH (just a shadow of a girl). The curtain lifts after you buy secret camera upgrade
– added upgrade that let’s double and triple clients enter the GH (previously by default they could enter)
– made upgrade windows in backrooms more responsive
– if clients wont be served in the GH in anyway, now decreases cafe’s popularity by 30.
– some more little changes and code optimizations in backrooms
– changed in chat tiredness to energy and changed the color variables for it
– fixed backrooms not reacting to time speed up or down or pause
– fixed mouth movements in the event meeting Emilia for 1st time
– fixed some name positions in client’s book
– fixed energy drink descriptions and now it increases energy as it should
– fixed a bug with statuses not appearing during gameplay
– fixed a bug that showed old information regarding a backroom if you hovered over them in backrooms upgrades
– fixed a bug that sometimes let client to enter closed backroom
– fixed a bug in promotion room that didn’t register correctly who is in the room
– fixed a bug that let you by mistake move character from promotional room to other room if other room was zoomed in
– fixed a bug not allowing 2 people in breakroom if you had a correct perk
– fixed a bug that started timers in VIP room for upgrades even if you didn’t bought them
– fixed a bug that prevented comfortable couch upgrade in GH not work
– fixed a bug that didn’t calculate correctly cleanliness reduction from career room
– fixed a bug where Sergil would double the cleanliness reduction and energy lost if he was in the room
– corrected few typos

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