Secret Island [v0.4.0.3] By NocturnalDev

NocturnalDev Games released a new game called Secret Island and the version is The game’s story is about is an adult visual novel about a mysterious island between two warring kingdoms. Usually, this place would be like a sword between the anvil and the hammer, but nobody seems to remember its existence. You are a mighty military man stranded on the island after a naval battle. Rescued by a group of women, you will have the opportunity to explore relationships with them. In this modern fantasy world, you will also have the opportunity to explore past events. You will meet people. Not all of them are human, and even bring some of them to live with you.​

Developer: NocturnalDev
File Size: 1.56 GB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 11k new words (105k words total)
  • 187 new renders (2262 renders total)
  • 11 new scenes (1 Koriso, 2 Helena, 1 Aster, 1 Hannah, 1 Iris, 3 Mixed, 1 ???) (124 scenes total)
  • 17 new animations (89 total)

The end of chapter 4. Reviewed chapter 1, added sounds mostly to chapter 1, and the end of chapter 4. The start of chapter 5 is already available on patreon or subscribestar.


  • 7k new words (94k words total)
  • 135 new renders (2075 renders total)
  • 7 new scenes (113 scenes total)
  • 7 new animations (72 total)

The second part of chapter 4. This version has a bunch of fixes and adjustments from last release. This build was released a month ago on patreon, so the changes from the feedback (audio) on v0.3.3 will only show up on v0.4. The end of chapter 4 is already available on patreon or subscribestar.


  • 11k new words (87k words total)
  • 185 new renders (1940 renders total)
  • 12 new scenes (106 scenes total)
  • 14 new animations (65 total)

Part 1 of Chapter 4 update. We end in the middle of day 24. This release will be in early access for a month, the same way as the 0.3-release. I’ll make one-week early release on Discord. I hope you people like where this is going. v03.3.7 is available for early access. I’ve also updated the walkthrough/choices guide. Feel free to make any comments, feedback, or suggestion.


  • 283 new renders (1755 renders total)
  • 17 new scenes (94 scenes total)
  • 14k new words (76k words total)
  • 16 new animations (51 total)

This concludes chapter 3. This release will be exclusive for subscribers on the $5 tier+, next week I will release it for the $1 tier in Patreon. In three weeks I will make a release here, as a gift for the people in discord. In four weeks I’ll make it public in other platforms. I hope you all like this update, feel free to give me any feedback. I have used a couple AIs to help me review and fix grammar, so I hope the text quality in this update has increased. With fewer typos, and grammar mistakes. I have also added a Walkthrough/Choice Guide to the $10 tier. I’ll keep this updated in the next updates.


  • First half of chapter 3.
  • 17 new events
  • 17k new words
  • 305 new renders
  • 9 new animations

Game Images & Screenshots


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