Size Me Up [v1.3.5] By Klein Voimond

Klein Voimond Games released a new game called Size Me Up and the version is 1.3.5. The game’s story is about A game where you compare your weiner to fictional girls.​

Developer: Klein Voimond
File Size: 300.1 MB
Version: 1.3.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Simple bugfix patch

  • removed experimental sex from mitsuki
  • most likely fixed the wife chasing you down (never experienced it)
  • fixed the Avarice/Average scene
  • fixed most of the bugs presented by user takou33


  • plant girls are just eyecandy until I figure out the sex-system more. I need feedback for if you guys like the sex-work and want to see it expanded enough to replace the current lobby-girl’s screen.
  • wife doesn’t do anything just yet (except apparently lock you down [its like poetry])
  • bar is still just a stand in
  • stat screen isn’t a thing just yet

Many thing were added, many things were changed, and even a few more girls have joined the ranks. What started as a simple update for shading gradually morphed into a much, much larger update including things like pregnancy, improved player customization, and new rooms!

Developer Notes:

Art and “animations” are still kind of rough so as this project progresses, updates will be made. Placeholder assets currently exist as well but I feel they’re not too intrusive so, for the time being, they will remain.


1. The game has a time system which goes all the way up to a year

2. Each girl has a specific fertility period, in which they can only get pregnant during a certain window of time.

3. I’ve simplified it to be only a set number of days within each month. So for one girl, it might be on days 11-14, and another it might be on days 20-21.

4. Each girl will announce to the player that they’re ovulating and that “its dangerous” etc.

5. Each girl has a fertility level, and the player has a virility score. Once you deposit cum inside their womb, a check is run at the end of each day comparing both the amount of cum, your and her virility, against a base pass or fail depending on the girl. If the number is greater than the pass/fail stat, she will announce the pregnancy to you at the end of the day (hopefully, unless I borked the code and it skips the first time, in which you’ll be notified about the birth once the gestation period has finished. )

Game Images & Screenshots


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