Sovereign [v0.2.0] By Zinikis Production


Zinikis Production Games released a new game called Sovereign and the version is 0.2.0. The game’s story is about Just a guy down on his luck with nothing exciting going on in his life. Until the day he found out a secret about his father that changed him forever. With new found power and purpose, it’s up to you to steer the MC. The path ahead is not all sunshine and cady but also full of danger and turbulence.

Sovereign is an adult sandbox game where to you can develop your relationship with many different type of ladies as well as the freedom or delve into more hardcode theme like corruption/bdsm. The game will feature many things do, either with the ladies or to improve your living conditions. There will be new contents like characters, events, more things to do add with every update

Developer: Zinikis Production
File Size: 1.86 GB
Version: 0.2.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.2.0 Update

  • Implemented a new navigation and interaction system. There should be a lot less menu clicking now. Most of the gameplay loop interaction would be through a panel.
  • Optimized performance, now when moving from location to location there should be a lot less lag.
  • Updated the prologue with new navigation and interaction system.
  • Update the prologue language and wordings with new and improved texts from Doggs133.
  • You can now get promote one you had worked hard enough. Promotion go up to 2 level after which you could slack off without consequences.
  • Add more details to characters and mc status screen on the phone. MC status screen will tell you how to get the massage skills and characters status screen would specify specific time and location needed to trigger an event.
  • 1 new influence level 3 event for Emily, 1 new corruption level 3 event for Emily, 1 new random daily event for Emily one she reached corruption level 3.
  • 1 new influence level 1 event for Sheryl, 1 new corruption level 1 event for Sheryl.
  • I tried to make the game backward compatible with older save but with the huge overhaul of core gameplay mechanic, there’re bound to be something that I might miss. If you’re having issue, to make sure that your older save work, save your game when you’re at a location (i.e. you’re at downtown, living room etc.) then load the save on the latest version of the game. Try to avoid loading save file that’s in the middle of an event or activates (i.e. influence level event, buying UP, work out etc.). I tried to make it so that it should work but you never know. Let me know if you run into any issue even after following the instruction on how to load old save files.

v1.0 First Release:

  • Add basic gameplay and background
  • Add Prologue
  • 2 influence events for Emily, 2 corruption events for Emily, 1 daily event for Emily
  • 2 influence events for Cathy, 2 corruption events for Cathy, 1 daily event for Cathy
  • 2 influence events for Evelyn, 2 corruption events for Evelyn, 1 daily event for Evelyn
  • 3 influence events for Jeanne, 2 corruption events for Jeanne, 2 daily events for Jeanne
  • 3 influence events for Jill, 2 corruption events for Jill, 1 daily event for Jill
  • 1 Main story event at Control level 10 to complete the game for now

Developer Notes:

Hello everyone. I’m a huge fan of sandbox and corruption games so Sovereign take a lot of inspirations from those type of game. I’m still relatively new to the game development scene and this is just a hobby at the moment but I will try my best to have at least 1 update per month. The first version of the game was made roughly in 3 months since I was still new to renpy and daz so a lot of time was spend on just learning how to make things. I’m planning to have an update very months with at least 10 events and more things to do in sandbox.

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