Special Harem Class [v0.1.10b] By KagetoDev

KagetoDev Games released a new game called Special Harem Class and the version is 0.1.10b. The game’s story is about Hate to break it to you, but you haven’t been accepted in any college your applied for. Bummer. But don’t worry! There’s this special pre-college program you found online, that happens to have only beautiful girls as students! But wait, the teacher is a pervert!?

In Special Harem Class you play as an unexpected student in this pre-college program, and conspire with Claire, your pervert teacher, to get close to the other students. What girl will better catch your eye? And don’t forget to explore the town, everywhere you look there’s a beautiful sight waiting to be seen!

Developer: KagetoDev
File Size: 546 MB
Version: 0.1.10b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Added in this version:

  • Elizabeth’s third date
  • Elizabeth’s date sex scene (final part) (lewd)
  • Elizabeth’s tennis footjob (lewd)
  • New side-girl: Alice. You will be able to find her in the bar every weekend once you’ve finished all Elizabeth’s dates.
  • New one-off girl, Aryn. You will find her randomly in the park if there’s no main girl there.
  • CHEATCODE: New cheatcode that will make Alice show up sooner.
  • CHEATCODE: New cheatcodes that allow you to preview the desire system. It has no extra content at the moment.
  • MISC: Reestructured some small scenes in preparation for the Desire System.
  • MISC: Small fixes and typos.

Added in this version:

  • Elizabeth’s first date
  • Elizabeth’s second picture (lewd)
  • Elizabeth’s second date
  • Elizabeth’s third picture (lewd)
  • Elizabeth’s date sex scene (only the first 2 parts) (lewd)
  • QoL: Removed the “take a picture” prompt once you’ve already got that picture.
  • QoL: Removed some of the “Should I talk to her?” prompts
  • MISC: Added a “Lightweight Mode”. This will simplify transitions, increasing performance on lower-end devices.
  • MISC: Added a Simple/Full quick menu toggle. The full version has the Auto, Skip, and History functions as on-screen buttons. Mainly for Mobile players.
  • MISC: Added a blur effect to the background layer when a girl is speaking to you.
  • MISC: Fixed some typos

Added in this version:

  • Molly’s third date
  • Molly’s date sex scene (final part) (lewd)
  • Molly’s shower titjob (lewd)
  • The game will now create an autosave whenever you sleep. It should help in case of future bugs or crashes.
  • Added 8 new opportunities to take pictures with your phone.
  • New one-off encounter with Tennis Girl (lewd). You will find her in the Tennis Court. She needs Charisma 4 to unlock her scene.
  • MISC: Fixed some typos here and there.


  • Molly’s first date
  • Molly’s second picture (lewd)
  • Molly’s second date
  • Molly’s third picture (lewd)
  • Molly’s date sex scene (only the first 2 parts) (lewd)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug with the gallery cheatcode that wasn’t truly unlocking unseen scenes.
  • MISC: Compressed still images and some music tracks to decrease file size. Let me know if you can tell the difference.
  • MISC: Fixed minor typos.
  • KNOWN BUG: When loading some saves, depending on what music it was playing, it will load as silent. It should only happen right after loading a save, as soon as another track plays the bug is gone.

Developer Notes:

Special Harem Class is an adult slice-of-life sandbox visual novel with elements of a dating-sim. The game is currently in early development, but I made sure to include a little bit of everything, so your playthough doesn’t feel hollow!

Game Images & Screenshots


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