Star Rippers [v1.2.1] TabooMedia Free Downoad


TabooMedia Games released a new game called Star Rippers and the version is 1.2.1. The game’s story is about Join the crew of The Eclipse on their missions and journeys throughout the Universe in this Comic Book turned to a VN. 10 Years after the events of the comic book the crew is back on a new mission. See what happens as the story unfolds!​

Developer: TabooMedia
File Size: 947.2 MB
Version: 1.2.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English


Apologies – Found a bug in the database when using the in-game database. Apparently it stopped looking in the directory for the pictures, so I had to fix that. And now, it’s re-released. Again, apologies, but figured this was a good time to re-release it before too many had downloaded it. If you already did, again, apologies.


Developer Notes:

Join our discord and help with the development and story if you would like. We’d love to have you with us as we embark on our journey

Game Screenshot:


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