Street Fighter 6 RPG [Battle 2] By SFmaniac

SFmaniac Games released a new game called Street Fighter 6 RPG and the version is Battle 2. The game’s story is about Immerse yourself in a sultry urban world where seduction is as powerful as a punch. Navigate through steamy encounters, intense battles, and tantalizing plot twists as you carve your path to dominance in both the ring and the bedroom. Unleash your charisma and prowess to conquer foes and hearts alike in this sizzling adventure!​

Developer: SFmaniac
File Size: 236.0 MB
Version: Battle 2
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Battle 2

  • Added new animated battle with Manon [Battle 2]
  • Added 4 new H-animations for Manon’s battle
  • Added new anal animation + side quest with Juri Han
  • Fixed missing sound through some H-videos in the game
  • Added new locations: Home + France
  • Added new potion item to the map (allows you to recover 25-30% HP during battle)
  • New scene added to bonus pack:

Game Images & Screenshots


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