Stuck in Sutton [v0.4] By Ben Rosewood

Ben Rosewood Games released a new game called Stuck in Sutton and the version is v0.4. The game’s story is about This cozy rural town is located in sunny California. Whilst many would consider Sutton to be a mere stop on a long journey, those who take the time to visit the town will find it has many things to offer, such as: The Sutton Hotel This cozy and humble hotel offers the perfect place for respite after a long day on the road. With friendly owner Greg Plimpton ready to serve, one can expect a clean, well-maintained room and service with a smile. The Truck Stop A common meeting spot, the truck stop is host to a local convenience store and many truckers who are often looking for a bit of company.

McCall’s Bar A staple of Sutton, McCall’s bar is an intimate space with a retro-American setting. One can expect to meet many of the friendly locals, play a round of pool, and down a well-earned drink served by the owner Mary McCall. Pink Lounge Strip Club For those who enjoy a bit of excitement, the Pink Lounge features the hottest women in Sutton in their full glory. The owner, Dennis Deveroux, has been in the adult entertainment industry longer than most and has turned the Pink Lounge into one of the hottest locations under the Californian sun.

Developer: Ben Rosewood
File Size: 927 kB
Version: 0.4
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Rise and Shine. Added Day 3 Morning content for Mary, Chance, and Annabell. Also added hangovers if you drink beer whilst having 0 energy.
  • Good Girl Gone Bad? If you’re going down the route of corrupting Annabell, you’ll now have the option to interact with her and show her a side of Sutton she might not have seen.
  • A Place to McCall Home. If you’ve gotten far enough in your relationship with Mary, you can now stay at her place. That means no more paying for a room.
  • Pump it! Introduced new NPC Hans Pumpren, the movie star. Well, adult movie star…
  • Bossy Bitch. Added Girl Boss Masturbation fantasy with 4 branching paths including both straight and lesbian options.
  • Secrets Revealed! Made sure the female version of the ‘Agent Masturbation Fantasy’ is available.
  • Extra Shifts. Added 2 more outcomes to work at McCall’s bar and 1 more outcomes to bar work at the Pink Lounge.
  • Parks and Recreational Drugs. Added the park as a location, with the relax activity and a new way to deal drugs. Also comes with 2 extra random events.
  • Art of the Deal. In addition to a new location for drug dealing, you’re now able to deal drugs with less than 20 Notoriety if you have made at least five drug deals.
  • Love Is In The Air. Added Day 3 Days for Mary, Chance, Dan and Annabell.
  • Just Passing By. First pass at vanilla endings upon buying the car. These endings will be expanded upon in later versions.
  • Sutton? More like Slutton. Added 8 sex scenes with many variations. Also added counters for rimjobs (can occur during Chance’s Day 3 content) and anal sex (not yet implemented).
  • SPLAT! Numerous bug fixes including logic around being fired at the Pink Lounge, accessing end of Day 2 Chance content, energy not be subtracted during certain events, some errors with text formatting, issues with Lesbian prostitution, and more.


  • Expanded Drunkenness to now have randomized outcomes, with 13 randomized outcomes depending on location.
  • Added 8 random outcomes in the world at McCall’s Bar, the Pink Lounge, and the Truck Stop.
  • Introduced Russ the Mechanic as a major NPC.
  • Added End of Day 2 Content with Dan, Mary, Chance, Annabell, and Russ.
  • Pussy Galore! Added a female version of the ‘Agent Masturbation Fantasy’.
  • 3 new consumable items (Lollipops, Mints, and Chocolate Nut Bars).
  • Changed requirements for Old Man Break In. You’ll need at least 20 Notoriety upon meeting the Old Man to unlock the break in as an option.
  • Rebalanced ‘Martini Glass’ tattoo so the buffs are a lot less from drinking. Drink limit bonus is still the same.
  • Doubled the amount of Save Slots.

v0.2 Definitive Edition

  • Added a tattoo (Pin-up in Martini Glass) and a new option to forgo a tattoo for a vibrator
  • Added 1 new Masturbation scene and Lesbian Variants for the other two Masturbation scenes. Masturbation scenes can now be selected rather than randomized.
  • Added random Dog encounter at the truck stop.
  • Fixed bugs with certain events not giving cash.
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t gain points during the Pink Lounge Strip Club interview.
  • Added option to buy a six pack of beer for $40 at the Truck Stop.
  • Both alcohol consumed and times vomited (vomiting isn’t implemented yet)

v0.2 – Girls, God, and a Good Deal on a Used Car

  • Added End of Day 1 and Day 2 Content
  • 3 New Locations (Church, Bob’s Used Cars and Repair, Old Man’s House)
  • 1 major NPC (Annabell) and 3 minor NPCs (Bob, Jeff, George) introduced.
  • Expanded dialog and interactions with Dan, Chance, and Mary. This includes 1 sex scene and 2 masturbation scenes.
  • 2 new activities (Prayer, Donation) to reduce Notoriety.
  • Added spooning position to the Old Man sex scene during Chance’s Pill Quest.
  • Truckstop Prostitution expanded to include new scenes and lesbian options for a total of 10 additional scenes (2 Male-Female scenes and 8 Female-Female scenes)
  • 2 New Quests (Helping the Church, Old Man’s House Burglary)
  • 1 new hair color (Black), 1 new pubic hair option (Triangle) and 1 New Tattoo (Scissors Intertwined)
  • 2 Random encounters (Flash and Lost Wallet at the Truck Stop)
  • Drunkenness values for cocktails reduced to 1. This allows you to drink 4 drinks before becoming too drunk.
  • UI improvements. Items from inventory are now applied immediately. Drunkenness and Temp Sluttiness from items are now displayed in the sidebar.

Initial Release

  • Four locations (Hotel room, Truck Stop, McCall’s Bar, Pink Lounge Strip club)
  • Four major NPCs (Deputy Dan, Mary McCall, Dennis Deveroux, Chance the Drug Dealer)
  • Job opportunities such as bartending (at both McCall’s Bar and the Pink Lounge), truck stop prostitution, drug dealing, and stripping jobs, each with randomized outcomes.
  • Other activities such as shopping, glory hole, playing pool, drug dealing, drug taking, and drinking at the bar.
  • Three endings (one good and two bad)
  • One quest (Chance’s Pills)

Developer Notes:

This is just a sample of what Sutton has to offer any tourist. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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