Subhuman [v1.2] [Oxymo] – F95 Games

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  • Resist ennemies assaults by Building defences around your camp !
  • Go fight them in their lair and win over their tresaures !
  • Find travelers, merchants and lost people in need of a new home !
  • Meet various randomly generated women to populate your camp and get intimate….
  • Multiple spicy hand-drawn animations to enjoy !
  • Explore the deep forest, overcome its dangers and discover its secret…
  • Controller support.

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(And me talking about myself ;D)

  • Why is there two versions of the game ?

The first free version is SFW, which means you won’t find any sexual content inside. The second version, wich is not free, features all the Animated sex scenes that have been made so far. The two versions, regarding non-sexual content, are exactly the same. Saves are compatible through versions..

  • If the two versions are the same, why aren’t they not both free ?

As it is my first game, I’m not confortable charging money for something that might not meet players expectations regarding metroidvania and Management gameplay. I mostly made this as a challenge for myself between two jobs, using different assets that I found here and there ; I tried to get the project as refined as I could within the time I had, and if I release it, it’s because I can’t go any further. I’d like to get at least a few bucks out of it though, so I thought I’d just charge for the sexual content as a bonus.

  • What’s next ? Future updates ?

Edit : the NSFW version have been updated recently. See changelog for more informaion.

Gameplay-wise, I don’t feel like adding more features. Making games consistently is really fun but quite tiring, and I’m out of cash anyway. If the game makes decent money, I’d like to try something in 3D, maybe…? I don’t know really… I guess I’ll just wait and see what people think, and decide then.

For bugs and stuff like that, I’ll of course offer patches and support as much as I can, so don’t hesitate to report any problem you may encounter down below.

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