Such a Sharp Pain [0.7.1R] By KETZAL

KETZAL Games released a new game called Such a Sharp Pain and the version is 0.7.1R. The game’s story is about Once again, you have screwed up. Why did you do it? You have everything you need! A loving wife who will do anything for you. Two beautiful daughters idolize their father. A successful business, and no financial problems. This time, your wife has had enough. Finally, she could not stand to catch you in the arms of another woman and has simply driven you out of the house. Unable to stay alone, you seek refuge at your sister’s house, whom you haven’t seen for five years. Will you be able to reconnect with your sister and niece, or will you try to reunite with your wife and daughters?​

Developer: KETZAL
File Size: 980.3 MB
Version: 0.7.1R
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Prologue: 0.1.18r First Release
Chapter I: 0.2.31R First Day Part I
Chapter I: 0.3.11F First Day Part II
Chapter II : 0.4.14R Second Day Part III

Developer Notes:

Family path : Harem
Password for files : N68hD393bfXS9qR5Nbz9QLvb

Game Images & Screenshots

Windows: (0.7.1R) Pixeldrain

Windows: (0.6.32RP) Workupload

Windows: (0.6.30B) voltupload – GDrive

Win/Linux: (0.5.7R) GOFILE – ANDROID: Mediafire

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