Such A Sharp Pain [v0.7.2R] [ketzal]


In Such A Sharp Pain, you fucked up. What were you thinking? You have everything you could ever want – a devoted wife who would do anything for you, two beautiful daughters who look up to you, a thriving business, and no financial worries. But now, your wife has had enough. She couldn’t bear to catch you with another woman and has kicked you out of the house. With nowhere else to go, you turn to your sister, whom you haven’t seen in five years. Will you be able to rebuild your relationship with her and your niece, or will you try to reconcile with your wife and daughters?


  • Date: 17/July/2023
  • Name: Such A Sharp Pain
  • Version: 0.7.2R
  • Incest Content: Incest Fest
  • Dev: ketzal
  • Android: Incg

My note: There are non-harem versions, I do not have access to them…yet.
Current version is v0.7.1R on 14th July, which will probably become v0.7.1RP when it is public release on 16 or 17th.

You might not need to download 0.7.2R cause my 0.7.1R has Alice Path anyways, I think ? I’m not sure.
Well, It is now 0.7.2R, is harem+alice path
There will be 0.7.3 soon, it will be harem + alice path + macy + cops

17/July/2023- Updated to v0.7.2R

Not a lot has changed. Just a few more renders, no new animations.

14/July/2023- Updated to v0.7.1R

This is the release version of SSP V7.1. Please note that this is only the HAREM version.

15/April/2023- Updated to 0.6.32R


SSP is one of the rare ones with incest fest like for example , The Guardian. Its all relatives, like 95% of the characters are and that include characters like the daughter of your mom and you, a daughter of you and your sister, etcs. Imo, this is one of the must play titles if you are an incest fan. There is no blueballs either though the game is relatively new(Not true anymore as of July/23, it is over 1 year old :P) and is only 3 chapters in.

Content: 4300+ Images, ~40 Animations total for v0.7.2R.


VN mode, No grind. Walkthrough mod is built-in by dev, activate it in preferences. No patch needed. It does not work with joiplay. Use port.

PC users, if you wish to not unlock gallery, delete _ugu.rpy file inside game folder. Can’t do that on android, unfortunately.



Last Updated on July 17, 2023

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