Tale of The Legend [v0.1 Act0-Prologue] By Tale Master Zian

Tale Master Zian Games released a new game called Tale of The Legend and the version is 0.1 Act0-Prologue. The game’s story is about Is this the end? Was this the reward for defying all the hardships, going against the impossible? Was it worth not having a family waiting for my return? Whatever happened, now the world is at peace. But what about me? If you are still out there, let me see their faces one last time. Our story begins with The Legend, a character who is both a relentless fighter for the world’s integrity and a legend in their own right, taking their last breath before being transported back to their childhood. Is this a complete reincarnation? How did our protagonist end up in this situation? As our story progresses, all these questions and more will be answered.

Developer: Tale Master Zian
File Size: 322.2 MB
Version: 0.1 Act0-Prologue
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.1 – (Act0-Prologue)

  • 258 dilogue line
  • 137 images
  • 55 screens
  • And total of 2273 line of codes and 15-20 min Story content and Semi-Sandbox First location.

Developer Notes:

Hi dear viewers! This is my first one man made game The Tale of Legend! I’ve been with F95 family for about 3 years. I dont speak or express my feeling that much but I played many awesome games and contents here. And their creativity light a candle in me. At the end im here wiht my first project. I really love daz3d games and unique drawed ones but I also enjoy Sims4 features and grafics. But there is non or one or two games thats using Sims4. So i decided to, why dont i make a one? After many thinking, brainstorming and developing process I have really exhausted my all energy. But still i could finish the ACT-0 Prologue.

I hope you will enjoy this little content. If you really appreciate the effort dont forget to visit my Patreon and SubscribeStar pages!

Game Images & Screenshots


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