The Daily Life of The Pan Hero [v0.5.1] By Steradianfauns

Steradianfauns Games released a new game called The Daily Life of The Pan Hero [v0.5.1] By Steradianfauns and the version is 0.5.1. The game’s story is about You are just a normal guy living with your adopted family (or blood related if you use ipatch) in Veradisia, a land of magic. Because of a certain circumstances, you and your family have to move to a different city. During the move, an incident happened that could cost you, your life and your family’s. Luckily, on the day before, you stumbled upon a mysterious dagger that gave you a power, and you unleashed this power to save you and your family.

Later you learn that using that power requires a tremendous amount of strength, that means you have to get stronger or you might die the next time you use that power. But you don’t have to do it alone, you have your family that’ll help you, and you’ll also meet lots of new girls in the new city. From a tsundere redhead guild receptionist, to a too-kind-for-her-own-good patissier, from a magician apprentice with a communication disorder, to a childhood friend who’s so random and never stop talking, you’ll meet all different kinds of girls. The more you get to know them, the more you’ll learn that each one of them have issues, some are major issues that could even affect the kingdom, some are minor compared to others, but just because of that, doesn’t mean they’re not real issues.

You don’t have to help them, sometimes all you have to do is just listen to them, and maybe give them your opinion or advice when they asked for it. Either way you’ll learn that everyone, no matter how happy they seemed, or how perfect or carefree their lives are from the outside, they’re still just human who have their flaws and issues, just like you.

Developer: Steradianfauns
File Size: 1.82 GB
Version: 0.5.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

V0.5.0, and V0.5.1

  • 17000+ words
  • 1414 renders
  • 27 animations
  • 3 sexual scenes (2 Repeatable)
  • 2 Main Event
  • 1 Mira Event (Remake of previous Mira’s event)
  • 3 Ann Events
  • Duel Mechanics, This Duel Mechanics is inspired from two games, Suikoden V, and Romance of The Three Kingdoms X duel mechanics. But it also takes account of the characters attributes, and there are 6 actions (3 attacks, 3 defenses) plus specials actions.
  • Only Ann is available to be dueled in this version, there was supposed to be Mira too, but couldn’t finish it in time. So, duel with Mira and one of her events will be postponed to the next update.
  • Deactivate Quest, by deactivating quest, you can spend time normally with the characters to increase stats first instead of being forced to see an event whenever one is available. You can deactivate or activate quest at any time in the quest log.
  • Ending Gallery
  • About 2-3 hours of content
  • A way to import stats, coins, skills, and perks from saves that no longer work. Play a new game and select “Open World” then “Skip previous content”, and the guide to do this will be explained. This update itself shouldn’t break any saves, but the previous update did break most saves from 0.3.x version, and you can now import stats from those saves.
  • The highest stats needed for stat check in this update is 60

Developer Notes:

The Daily Life of Pan Hero is a sandbox visual novel, meaning you’re free to do as you wish in the game, although there’s still a general route that you have to take to progress the story. This Visual Novel will focus on both the story and the mechanics. There are some mechanics that are already implemented like character stats, stat check, stat training, inventory system, and quest system. Some are already in the game but not yet fully utilized like coins, perks, and skills. And the rest are still ideas like a duel/debate, fishing minigame, card minigame, bank system, business, sick (nursing or nursed), and date.

But these mechanics are now optional, there’s a simplified sandbox mode that will only focus on the story. As for the story, there will be multiple girl main characters and side characters, and each one of them will have their own personality and character development. *There will NOT be any NTR on any of my stories, so even if the story is going to be like there will be an NTR, I promise you, it won’t and just a plot device. *This is an adult game and not meant for anyone under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this page immediately *All scenes including character models in this game were created by using Koikatsu by Illusion. Please support them and the modders as well.

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