The Mansion [v0.76.5] By Rustlerman

Rustlerman Games released a new game called The Mansion and the version is 0.76.5. The game’s story is about Just being fired from work, you arrive at your girlfriend’s house to see that she is cheating on you with another man. Then you receive a message from an old friend, he invites you to live in his mansion to rebuild your life. But your friend hides a sinister secret that you must discover as you progress through the story. In the mansion, you will meet multiple women who will require your attention.​

Developer: Rustlerman
File Size: 2.56 GB
Version: 0.76.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Fixed bug with monster energy
  • Added new content with Jessica
  • Added new scene with Jessica


  • The remaining content with Jessica has been added.
  • The bug when building the railcar has been fixed.
  • The bug with Bob from the weed sale has been fixed, now you will be able to talk to Tiger.
  • The diary has been updated, it will now display the main mission you’re currently on to prevent the player from getting lost.
  • The speaking content with Jessica has been added.


  • A couple news scenes
  • New scene with the woman’s plane
  • Fixed two bugs
  • Upgrade interfaze, start menu and links!
  • In this update the roulette is deactivated, the jobs will give more money
  • New cheats codes

Game Images & Screenshots


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