The Pilgrimage [v1.75] By Messman

Messman Games released a new game called The Pilgrimage and the version is 1.75. The game’s story is about Between her adventures with famous commander Tali Zorah went to her pilgrimage to help quarian Flotilla. What can goes wrong? Seems like everything.​

Developer: Messman
File Size: 6.62 GB
Version: 1.75
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Game update. Version 1.7

NEW GAME START REQUIRED. This time yes. Many code was changed and added to trigger new events. If you have save file before apes/varrens intrude to medbay and before Zeltan come with proposal – it might be work also, but not sure.

Wedding event.

Little content fork here, if Tali agreed with Zeltan’s proposal – he will come after 5 days to invite her on party. If not – Nyun will do it. Some dialogues will be different also.

The wedding party is separate on three main stages. You can jump to next stage using “back” button on lower right corner and choose “Skip one hour.”. The background and dialogues will change accordingly. The same way you can choose to visit the toilet behind the bar. After 3d stage party over and Tali can return to medbay. After first party talk with Nyun in bar to unlock the possibility to repeat it.

  • Anal with vorcha near bar counter. Vorcha will grab Tali ass if you talk about him with Nyun. If Tali remove the plug – vorcha will be able to fuck her. Available only in first stage.
  • Sex Nyun+krogan. Krogan will be nervous about drinks, talk with Nyun. Available in second stage.
  • Toilet and gloryhole scenes. Available in second and third stage. There is different variations depends on lewd level. Non lewd Tali will automatically refused to do anything in gloryhole – so she need to kick the vorcha ass or her mouth will be fucked. High lewd Tali can get DP action. Also if lewd higher 50 – Nyun randomly can join on blowjob or during DP action.
  • Toilet Tali+krogan anal. This scene available only for second lewd level ( 25 < * < 50). Trigger is random during handjob scene.
  • Tali+Nyun+krogan. This scene can be activated on third stage after talk with Nyun. Go and find her in toilet after.

Game over+

Now after first intrusion in medbay the turret heating is activating. It will increase each day on random value. When it reaches 100 and Tali go rest – apes will invade, but instead of instant game over it will launch another chain of events. Same happens if Tali lose to apes in prison after phantom visit. IMPORTANT! Apes will come to medbay regardless of repaired you lock in prison or not after heat become 100. This is not bug. I will change it when another game over+ events ready. For now, only apes will intrude, so just pretend that it some other apes. Also after lose in prison (phantom event) the apes will still stay in prison after Tali escape. I decide to unbound lock repair and game over+ triggers to more comfortable access to new content. BUT if you kill apes on intrusion – they will not come back.

  • All content is happening during three stages. Difference with wedding that the stages going round and after third reset back to first and so on until Tali escaped. There is two ways to escape – find three tech parts to open the door or “convince” one ape three times.
  • DP scene at first day end. Have some animations variations depends on lewd level.
  • DP scene during second day. To trigger this scene, first – steal the tech part from crate, then go “convince” ape. Another one will come angry from the back. This scene also has some different animations depends on lewd level.
  • Handjob/blowjob/boobjob scenes for “convincing” the ape. Just find him. Available in second and third day. Not available for non-lewd Tali (<25).
  • Little cage anal scene. Available only for non-lewd Tali. Can be triggers in second day if Tali steal tech part and go rest.
  • Crate sex scene. Available in third day. Just try to find the tech part in box as usual.


  • New melee fight mechanics. You will try it for sure especially if decide to resist during game over+ or toilet scenes. Also I added it for shower bugs encounter instead of instant sex scene.
  • Tali in medbay now clickable and giving the hints for current main quest
  • Game over+ I used movement arrows like in vents to move around, just for you to know.
  • Use medbay menu to dump the turret heat.

 v1.65 Release

What new:

  • Camera check UI and Nyun side missions. Now you can send Nyun on side mission to gather some tech parts and ammo for you. Talk with her and ask for help. Also added the possibility to return Nyun back to bar and send her to vents again. When she is on her side mission you can check the orange laptop in lab to check some scenes with her.
  • Lewd system remade. Now it have 4 levels from 0 to 100 – Tali start to be more lewd from 25. Gap between levels also 25. It means the maximum lewd which will change anything is 75 for now. I left maximum – 100 for future content. On status screen in medbay now you can see color bar, which will indicates the lewd status and change color when you gain next level. All scenes and dirty talks are mostly bound to this new levels distribution for one exception – I left teasing skill requirements on 10 now, don’t want to make much pain of pointless grinding.
  • Vents movements code refactoring. Animation of crawling now looks slightly smoother, and it will not jump and glitch forward. You can skip it in usual way like all animations – just with click.
  • Tali butt now clickable when you see her from the back in room while looting stuff around. Little 4th wall breaking. She will act differently depends on lewd level. Little but nice addition which I will expand and use later.
  • Added some new sounds in scenes – moans, breath etc.
  • Quest to fix the energy with stuck event is repeatable. After 3 days it will break again.

New content:

  • Three scenes with Nyun on her side missions. You can see it on cameras.
  • Varrens stack event content extension. New animations on high lewd levels.
  • Bear content – 3 new scenes for different lewd levels. More extended variant on lower level.
  • Jesora new events in her cabin. Some differences depends on lewd level. Now when you come to check Jesora’s cabin you can choose the scene to watch.
  • Nyun + Tali scene in bar. If Tali have lewd more than 25 she can join and help Nyun.
  • AMI + Tali scene in lab. Egg removal procedure, but from another hole. To trigger this scene Tali must receive the egg in her ass.
  • New ape encounter in barracks. Works and triggers the same like in comroom. Tali can choose to hide or face him in battle. Total 6 scenes here.

Developer Notes:

Please let me know if you find bugs or errors in game.

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