The Truth is Nothing but Lies [v.0.5 Part 3] By Albatrozz


Albatrozz Games released a new game called The Truth is Nothing but Lies and the version is 0.5 Part 3. The game’s story is about A man who, like a supporting character, forgets his past. He occasionally wonders. What became of me? What am I doing? What exactly am I? What do I do now? To discover the true answers to these questions. He began to live from what he had left behind. Being a professor in an all-girl academy with teaching methods in his own current styl- “Brother, what are you doing?” “I’m writing a daily diary…” “I didn’t know you would have a hobby like this.”

Developer: Albatrozz
File Size: 708 MB
Version: 0.5 Part 3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.5 Part 3

  • 3800+ Words
  • 160+ Images
  • 6 Main events
  • 2 Gallery images
  • New main menu background
  • New main menu music

v.0.5 Part 1

  • 3500+ Words
  • 250+ Images
  • 8 Main events
  • 4 Gallery images
  • Revisions to v.0.3.1 (2/3) dialogue (+3300 words)
  • Edited textbox UI
  • New main menu background
  • New main menu music

Developer Notes:

You can expect a bunch of grammatical errors because English isn’t my native language but I hope you enjoy it!

Game Images & Screenshots


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