Total Drama Harem [v0.2.9a] By AruzeNSFW

AruzeNSFW Games released a new game called Total Drama Harem and the version is 0.2.9a. The game’s story is about Welcome to the world of Total Drama, where you can seduce your favorite female character as you follow Cody’s story, and you accompany him in all the games and missions that come up!​

Developer: AruzeNSFW
File Size: 444.8 MB
Version: 0.2.9a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.2.8 Public
In this new update there are several changes, we changed part of the interface, stylizing it to match the series, as well as we added moans in the new scenes (it will be added to the old scenes in the following updates).

As for the story of the game, Cody, walking on the beach, thinks he sees someone similar to bridgette, so he decides to chase her and try to see her up close, which leads to a series of events that endanger Cody and the others.

It took us a little longer than expected to finish this new update, because we drew a lot of scenes, we also added new sounds and interface changes, but we think it turned out pretty good!

v0.2.6c Public


  • This is a quick update, in which I added a gallery, several links to social networks.
  • And what we were all waiting for, sound and music!
  • I did not advance with the story of the game, but I recommend to re-play it, in order to unlock the scenes in the gallery.

Developer Notes:

Nice to meet you, we are AruzeNSFW, a team of two people, a programmer and a designer, wanting to make the best videogames and parody animations! Please play our games and join our social networks, so we can talk to you and improve our games thanks to you! Regardless if you donate or not.

Game Images & Screenshots


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