Two Faceless Adventures [v0.2] By Ubarefeet

Ubarefeet Games released a new game called Two Faceless Adventures and the version is 0.2. The game’s story is about In the game you are given the opportunity to live an unusual life for the daughter of the leader of the village Folkyork. Complete quests, brew potions, communicate with characters and … do whatever your heart desires. Will you be able to save face, or… will you have to submit to your own lust? It all depends on you.​

Developer: Ubarefeet
File Size: 626.9 MB
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 5 days of the first chapter (the game will end on the morning of the 6th day)
  • New scenes with Lena Hyena, Jeannette and Kate, Centaur NightMare
  • New enemies and changing the balance of old ones
  • The meat pit continues its development, but the sun is not ready yet!
  • Added a bunch of art and sprites, as well as a harpy shop in chapter 1, which can only be accessed in the evening
  • Several new random events and dialogues
  • Completed the quest with the study of the human language for Dusty
  • Fixed a HUGE NUMBER of BUGS
  • Added scenes with Lola when she is working in the toilet


  • The prologue is completed
  • The branch with the blue-haired veil and the Fu Potion quest have been completed (you can see the results of your elections by going to the illuminated window in Lazaru’s Square location)
  • Now Blood Ruby is given for winning Charybdis, regardless of whether you remove Helga’s curse or not
  • A lot of minor dialog changes and character reactions
  • The consequences of your actions affect further dialogues with the characters (In order for everything to work properly, I recommend starting the passage from the beginning)

Game Images & Screenshots


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